Transport: Cruising Industry Trends

Cruising – the perfect holiday – lying on the board, sun tanning, eating good food, maybe a bit of swimming, a bit of golf, some movies or even musicals, then snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking, maybe icebergs, dolphins or whales if you are lucky. And finally, yes the relaxing massage. Welcome aboard!


Cruise Trends: The Mixture of Luxury and Fitness

Tourism Review News Desk

According to numerous surveys travelers consider destinations as the main influence for choosing their vacation. Many cruise passengers develop increasing interest in new and undiscovered ports of call while others are looking for special interest cruises focusing on the recent trends of fitness and spa at sea. World cruises are also gaining in popularity, probably due to the fact that today keeping in touch with family and friends is easy via internet and mobile phones...

Luxury Cruising in the Pursuit of Adventure

Michael Trout

“Whales off the bow!” the naturalist says as she spies two humpbacks gliding through the water. Twenty avid travelers are right there with her, binoculars and cameras at the ready. These adventure cruisers are aboard a small ship or mega-yacht, seeing wildlife as never before. This is what they’ve come for – and seeing whales close-up is just one experience among many...

Cruise Ship Entertainment Takes Star Billing

Gregory Dolgos

Oscar-winning movie star Jennifer Hudson got her start at sea; world-famous opera singer Fredericka von Stade sets sail this year; the Boston Symphony Chamber Players and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art step on board as well, and The Second City, the comedy club that launched the careers of America’s funniest people, from John Belushi, Bill Murray and Martin Short to today’s hottest stand-up and TV stars, has audiences rolling in the aisles, even when the ship’s not moving...

The Hot Cruising Trends for 2008

Samuel Dorsi

Thinking about taking a cruise in 2008 to explore the coast of China or the Greek islands? How about hopping onboard a luxury cruise ship that caters to your every whim? If you are considering any of these cruise vacations, you are not alone. According to Cruise Critic, the online resource for consumer-oriented cruise reviews and news, increased interest in European and Asian itineraries as well as luxury cruising are some of the hot cruising trends in 2008...

Bright Future for the Baltic Sea Region Cruise Industry

Nils Kraus

Changing winds are blowing in the cruise industry. This is the conclusion of the Seatrade research report “2020 Vision: New focus for the Global Cruise Industry” by leading cruise analyst Tony Peisley. Released March 2008, the report takes a global view on the cruise industry and the shifting focus away from the traditional cruise markets of North America and the Caribbean...