Tourism Review Online Magazine 7 / 2008

Jun 30, 2008
Dear readers,

the hot summer is coming and we are here with several ideas for your vacation. Ever thought about spending some time with alligators? Or what about a close encounter with sharks? Maybe you just want to cool down and do some ice climbing. Get more ideas in the Active section of the July magazine. You might be getting ready for your very first cruise in the Caribbean, Europe or even Asia. Come and read about the latest trends in the cruise industry in the Transport part.
The Professional section this time focuses on the importance of the design of your hotel. What is in and what is out? What does the modern traveler expect in your hotel? Is WiFi an absolute “must” these days? Pro-poor tourism is the topic of the Ethical supplement. Let’s find out how our holiday money is really used. Does it go to the poor at all? But first open the Heritage section and learn how winning a world known contest might influence the future – the New Seven Wonders, one year after.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: The New Seven Wonders

Sara Thopson

- Jun 30, 2008
“And the New Seven Wonders of the modern world are” ... do you remember? Last year on the 7th July? Yes, it is almost one year after the seven wonders were announced. How are they doing now? Are they still so enthusiastic about the hoards of tourists tempted by the N7W contest? Come and see the consequences of winning one of the largest polls of all times.

Professional: Hotel Design? Not a Piece of Cake

Theodore Slate

- Jun 30, 2008
Hotel design is definitely quite an exciting area of architecture. Every hotelier wants to know how to make the clients feel comfortable so that they come back. However, there are more ways how the design of your facility influences your profits. Find out how.

Active / Adventure: Breath-Taking Tours

Pat Hyland

- Jun 30, 2008
Bears, alligators, sharks – get close to them on your next tour. Or maybe you prefer climbing the slippery glacier or the world’s highest mountain (well, maybe not quite up to the top). Or you have always been lured by the numerous possibilities of the EXTREME fun offered in New Zealand. Come and see what’s on offer in the world of adrenaline junkies.

Transport: Cruising Industry Trends

Bill Alen

- Jun 30, 2008
Cruising – the perfect holiday – lying on the board, sun tanning, eating good food, maybe a bit of swimming, a bit of golf, some movies or even musicals, then snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking, maybe icebergs, dolphins or whales if you are lucky. And finally, yes the relaxing massage. Welcome aboard!

Ethical / Religious: Pro-poor Tourism

Tomas Haupt

- Jun 30, 2008
Most travelers after spending their wonderful vacation in an exciting location become interested in the life of the locals, in their joys and troubles. Some even want to help them and are interested how their vacation and their money influence the community. Can tourism help the poor? Learn about the concept of pro-poor tourism.