Active / Adventure: Breath-Taking Tours

Bears, alligators, sharks – get close to them on your next tour. Or maybe you prefer climbing the slippery glacier or the world’s highest mountain (well, maybe not quite up to the top). Or you have always been lured by the numerous possibilities of the EXTREME fun offered in New Zealand. Come and see what’s on offer in the world of adrenaline junkies.


Top Extreme Vacations

Gregory Dolgos

How many of these top ten extreme vacations have you been on? These are some of the best adventurous vacations that you could choose from. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on any of them...

Alligator Watching in Florida

Wayne M. Gore

Mike, the plane pilot switches off the engines on his airboat, the propellers come to a stop and his craft glides to a halt on Lake Tohopekaliga in Florida. Something protrudes from the surface of the lake at a distance of perhaps 40 or 50 meters – and behind that another similar looking object can be seen. What looks like flotsam is in fact the head and tail of an alligator – and there are plenty more of these reptiles lurking in the water...

New Zealand – Tour & Learn an Extreme Sport

Alec Hills

When you want to push your own personal boundaries during your next vacation, then New Zealand still is the un-disputed adventure capital of the world. Famous for being at the forefront of creating adventure activities ranging from commercial bungee jumping through to the Zorb, the next trend to gain momentum is “instructional touring” which gives you the chance to learn a new skill or fine tune existing skills during an adventure holiday...

Everest Base Camp Trek

Gary Diskin

Mt. Everest has an undeniable ability to seduce explorers, travellers and climbers alike. With its breathtaking views and fascinating Sherpa people there is something for everyone to guarantee the experience of a lifetime...

Look Closely at the Great White

James Morris

It goes without saying that shark diving is not for the faint of heart. Though you might be lucky enough to witness the awesome spectacle of a great white hurtling out of the sea, the real treat begins when you're locked into a steel cage and lowered underwater. There you will be in the middle of a churning war zone of the ocean's most formidable predators as they are driven into a feeding frenzy. On the bright side, you can wet yourself and nobody will know...

Ice Climbing in Alaska

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Anyone adventure traveler who has ever wanted to visit Alaska wants to do three things: go dog sledding, visit Denali National Park, and go ice climbing. Sure there are tons of other amazing things to do in Alaska, but these three things are some of the most popular. Lucky for you, all of these things are easy to do...