Transport: Airport Hotels. Budget or Luxury?

Ever got stuck in the traffic and missed your flight? An airport hotel might be an answer to such a problem. Leaving the image of uncomfortable, suspicious hotels behind, today’s accommodation providers at airports endeavor to lure the most demanding business and leisure travelers. Get familiar with the many advantages of the airport hotels.


The Transition of Airport Hotels

Pat Hyland

There’s an interesting phenomenon at airports these days. It’s called the hotel. Airport hotels have seen a surge in popularity during the past few years. Just look at the number of airport hotels that now have electronic arrival / departure boards tucked away in their lobbies. Yes, in this era fraught with flight delays and cancellations it makes sense for many frequent travelers to stay near the airport. You don’t have to rush from a business meeting to the airport hours ah...

Avoid Rushing to the Airport

Chris Grad

Indeed, airport hotels have come a long way since their introduction as an option for accommodation. In recent times the sector has developed faster than any other lodging type, with many offering improved facilities and higher levels of service. Primarily aimed at people travelling for business purposes, there are also a growing number of tourists choosing to stay in airport hotels. In fact, according to research, while half of the guests comprise business men and women, around 28 percent of...

How to Choose an Airport Hotel

Nils Kraus

Remember: it's more important to get a good night's sleep before your flight than to take the fanciest of car services the morning you depart. That said, you must look carefully at what it takes to find that good night's sleep of your dreams – just a heartbeat away from the airport. Learn how to select the best airport hotel for your needs. Step One Look for a hotel very close to the airport. If you're booked for an 8 a.m. international flight you must be at the airport by 5 a.m. You k...

Airport Hotels: The Best and the Worst

William Law

Today’s hotel industry seems to be working in circles. Whereas it would be fair to say that people are beginning in general to prioritize function instead of luxury in city hotels, the opposite seems to be true of airport hotels. Tourists are tending to seek cheaper accommodation whilst abroad, thus leaving them more money for other activities, such as visiting museums and eating out. Hotels are becoming symbols of pure necessity, not as a luxury item to be enjoyed. Confusingly, whereas tour...

Airport Hotels: On-Site Locations Yield Premium Performance

Tomas Haupt

On average, hotels located on airport properties in major urban markets achieve performance premiums compared to similar-quality hotels located off-site near the same airports. This article attempts to identify/quantify these performance premiums. The analysis evaluated annual occupancies, average daily rates (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) at 15 hotels located within major airports. We then compared their performance data to a control group of 15 hotels located off-site near the...