Tourism Review Online Magazine 4 / 2009

Mar 30, 2009
Dear readers

Welcome to the sunny, flowery, spring, April issue! Turn off your TV and go in the footsteps of your film stars – literally. Read the Heritage supplement about some of the popular destinations of film lovers and visit Prague, Iowa, Lapland or Bahamas. If you want to get more serious then there is the Active part and the military history sites. Have you ever heard about the South African soldiers fighting in the WWII? Or about the largest military museum in the western U.S.? Or even Viet Cong tunnels?

Hotel chains and their marketing strategies and cross-cultural issues are the topic of the Professional part. The Transport supplement on the other hand focuses on a special type of hotels – the airport hotels. If you wonder what kind of person might venture to stay in one of these facilities come and read. For all those adventure-seekers as usual we offer something special – this time it is Iran and its position on the global tourism market.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Set-jetting - Wanna Be Where the Stars Walk?

Tomas Haupt

- Mar 30, 2009
Lights! Camera! Action! Have you ever wished to see the places where James Bond walked the land? Or what about visiting the beautiful islands from the Pirates of the Caribbean? Set-jetting, or the trend of traveling to destinations that are first seen in movies, is growing in popularity. Let us invite you to Iowa, Prague, Bahamas or even Lapland.

Professional: Marketing Know-how of Hotel Chains

Alec Hills

- Mar 30, 2009
Different cultures, different manners! With the booming expansion of global hotel chains their marketing strategies in the new areas face various peculiarities. Hotels also need to cope effectively with their international presence online. Come and read about the ways hoteliers (should) approach international marketing.

Active / Adventure: March, Private! Visit the Military Sites

Larry Brain

- Mar 30, 2009
Most of the world countries (if not all) have experienced over their history some kind of military conflict. No matter how grave it was it surely scarred the memories of many people. Military sites – museums, battle fields, monuments – are popular travel destinations not only of veterans and their families but also of those interested in the history and psychology of humanity. Visit Czech fortifications, South African military museum, Viet Cong tunnels, and much more.

Transport: Airport Hotels. Budget or Luxury?

Ashley Nault

- Mar 30, 2009
Ever got stuck in the traffic and missed your flight? An airport hotel might be an answer to such a problem. Leaving the image of uncomfortable, suspicious hotels behind, today’s accommodation providers at airports endeavor to lure the most demanding business and leisure travelers. Get familiar with the many advantages of the airport hotels.

Destination: Iran - Modern Persia

Kevin Eagan

- Mar 30, 2009
Iran or Persia? Persia or Iran? The land of hostile warriors or the cradle of civilization? Come and read not only about the renowned beauty of the Iranian cultural heritage but also about the latest trends in the local tourism industry. What are the successes? And challenges? Who visits the country anyway?