Destination: Iran - Modern Persia

Iran or Persia? Persia or Iran? The land of hostile warriors or the cradle of civilization? Come and read not only about the renowned beauty of the Iranian cultural heritage but also about the latest trends in the local tourism industry. What are the successes? And challenges? Who visits the country anyway?


Growing Demand for Trips to Iran?

Kevin Eagan

There is a strong demand for German tourists to visit Iran, according to a German tour operator. Talking to IRNA in Berlin on the sidelines of the 43rd ITB Berlin Tourism Fair, the director of the Orient Express Travel Agency, Hartmut Niemann said, "There is a much stronger demand for Germans to travel to Iran than last year. We hope this trend will continue this fall," he added. Other German tour operators had also reported a major increase in the number of tourists visiting Iran last year, ac...

The Land of Proud Civilization and Inspiring Art

Laura Maudlin

Say the word Persia to Europeans or North Americans and the conversation is likely to move to fine art, ceramics, tiles, carpets or poets. Say the word Iran and the topic of terrorism or religious fundamentalism are most likely to arise. This is quite odd, as Persia and modern-day Iran are indeed the same land. Iranian tourist organisations intend to change this situation and promote local tourist attractions. Present Iran was historically referred to as Persia until 1935 when Reza Shah Pahlavi...

Esfahan: The Florence of Iran

Tourism Review News Desk

Florence of Orient, Persia's masterpiece, the Intrigue of Iran and the half rhymed famous adage "Esfahan Nesf-e Jahan" (Esfahan is half the world) all are to describe the splendor of a city shining along its life-giving river at the heart of Iran. When you tread into the city it seems as if it has been preparing itself for an impromptu royal visit. It is a city of inspiring architecture, elegant mosques, churches, graceful palaces, beautiful gardens and gorgeous bridges, a city made for the ref...

Kish Island: The Gem of the Persian Gulf

Joe McClain

With a beautiful silvery beach, clear water, abundant date palms and acacia trees, Kish is a visual treat for everybody. This oblong island, about eight by four miles, gained a deservedly great importance in 12 A.D. when it replaced its more ancient rival Siarf which at that time was destroyed in a horrible earthquake. The Pearl of the Persian Gulf Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands. This island is so beautiful and at...

Development in Tourism Industry Needs Revising

Anna Luebke

When we compare Iran with other countries like Turkey, India, Morocco and Tunisia which are rather equal with our country in facilities and equipments, a glance at Iran's ancientness, history, strategic situation and weather conditions shows that we need a thorough revision in the infrastructure of our tourism industry. According to numerous studies and analyses of the weaknesses and strengths, in order to empower positive aspects and weaken negative ones, changing the present situation seems t...