Heritage: Set-jetting - Wanna Be Where the Stars Walk?

Lights! Camera! Action! Have you ever wished to see the places where James Bond walked the land? Or what about visiting the beautiful islands from the Pirates of the Caribbean? Set-jetting, or the trend of traveling to destinations that are first seen in movies, is growing in popularity. Let us invite you to Iowa, Prague, Bahamas or even Lapland.


“Bridges of Madison County”? in Iowa

Anna Luebke

From an iconic baseball field to nostalgic covered bridges, Iowa is fortunate to lay claim to several sites made famous in feature films. Field of Dreams – Dyersville “Go the Distance” like Kevin Costner and visit this family century farm with a baseball diamond carved into its heart, the original site of movie filming. No organized activities – bring your own baseball equipment and play on this world-famous field. Or walk out of the corn like the ghosts in the movie. ...

Finnish Lapland: Santa Claus, Arctic Nature and Snow Are Hits of the North

Gary Diskin

The biggest Finnish film animation "Niko - The Way to the Stars" is a film about a reindeer boy called Niko. Niko believes his father is one of the world famous heroes of the Santa's Flying Forces. Rovaniemi has been part of the movie as a city famous for its reindeer and as a hometown of Santa Claus. Niko the movie, being launched last year and sold to more than 100 countries and has won several prizes internationally, gives all the possibilities to...

Set-Jetting to the Islands of the Bahamas

Daniel A. Tanner

Placing a destination in a film is the ultimate in tourism product placement, and no destination demonstrates this better recently than the Bahamas It’s the Bond films that really put the Bahamas on the filming map, with now a total of seven Bond’s being shot there from the magnificent underwater scenes in Thunderball starring Sean Connery right through to the fast action ‘parkour’ (freerunning) chase sequences of Casino Royale. In fact it is the dive sites that are t...

Lights! Camera! Prague!

Sara Thopson

Lights! Camera! Prague!, a new map of the film locations in Prague, is the Czech city’s answer to Los Angeles’s backlot tour. And once you land at the Prague-Ruzyne International airport, it’s already begun. The tarmac your 767 bounces onto is the same surface James Bond and Carlos skid across, fighting for control of a fuel truck. Inside, it’s hard to imagine Bond chasing Carlos through the small¾and convincingly Miami¾airport in Casino Royale, but it is. ...

Bamburgh Castle Screen Appeal

Cecilia Garland

Dominating the coastline on the ruggedly beautiful Northumberland coastline is Bamburgh Castle. Standing guard from its rocky outcrop above miles of empty, breaker-blasted beaches it is easy to see why this majestic building has such an impressive movie pedigree. An iconic landmark in the UK and on a global platform, the castle has welcomed some of the greatest actors during the course of movie history and has set the scene for countless epics. Richard Burton came to Bamburgh to shoot scenes f...

Grand Movies Made in Grand Sicilian Hotel

William Law

The San Domenico Palace Hotel, one the most famous hotels in the world, is located in the historical citadel of Taormina, in Sicily. Taormina and the San Domenico are a duo of international fame and tradition. The hotel was built on the original structures of a former Dominican monastery dating from the 15th century. Monastic remains are religiously kept at the San Domenico to testify to a past that makes such a structure unique: the cloister, images of saints, the choir stall, the sacristy, ...