Active / Adventure: March, Private! Visit the Military Sites

Most of the world countries (if not all) have experienced over their history some kind of military conflict. No matter how grave it was it surely scarred the memories of many people. Military sites – museums, battle fields, monuments – are popular travel destinations not only of veterans and their families but also of those interested in the history and psychology of humanity. Visit Czech fortifications, South African military museum, Viet Cong tunnels, and much more.


Military History Comes Alive in Los Angeles

Nils Kraus

Los Angeles is a top tourist destination. It's the entertainment capitol of the world with beautiful weather year around. But if you've already been to Disneyland and are looking for a unique experience, then visit the American Society of Military History Museum (ASMH). Travel just 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and you'll find this non-profit military history museum with over 175 military vehicles & outdoor exhibits dating from 1933 to the present. The Display Since 1962 the ASM...

Luxembourg: A Moment in Time

Vanderlei J. Pollack

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Luxembourg and the Battle of the Bulge. On September 10, 1944 “Letzebuerg ass frei – di ésicht Amerikaner sinn do” made the headlines of local Luxembourg papers. The English translation reads “Luxembourg is free – the first Americans are here.” The Memory of the Battle In a matter of three days, the 1st US Army liberated the country of Luxembourg, which had been under German occupation since 19...

South Africa: Memorial to Heroism and Sacrifice

Joe McClain

The South African National Museum of Military History provides a home for the memory and study of military history. It does so by affording visitors a rare opportunity to view the actual artefacts of an often turbulent past. Nation’s Contribution The Museum began its existence in 1942 when a few far-sighted individuals grasped the need to collect material evidence of our nation’s contribution to the world history. After the First World War (1914 - 1918), the idea that a museum coul...

Czech Fortifications Open Their Gates

Larry Brain

The fortifications and fortified installations, which were built along the border of the former Czechoslovakia (today’s Czech Republic and Slovakia) before the WWII, remain sad memorials to the tragic development of the political situation in 1930’s. Today the history lovers can visit and admire the long-closed witnesses of the nation’s fighting spirit. The Kraliky Fortified Sector The Kraliky Fortified sector around the Czech town of Kraliky (close to Polish border) was re...

Viet Cong Tunnels Welcome Tourists

Laura Maudlin

Vietnam is one of Asian most rapidly developing countries. Its economy has been growing in the recent years, the level of services has improved and the potential of local tourist industry has massively increased. Even though the Vietnam War (1959-75) left the country and its people in a terrible state, it appears that the painful memories are gradually settling down and the Vietnamese are ready to tell their stories to the world. Many tourists who come to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) are attracted ...