TRANSPORT: Air-Travel - Nobody Is Perfect

When in 1903 the Wright brothers’ plane got off the ground for the first time, nobody could imagine the consequences. Today, thousands of people cross the ocean in high-tech aircrafts every day and take it for granted. However, the aviation industry still needs to deal with serious problems. Lost luggage, delayed flights, staff shortage – these are only some of the issues they are solving on every day basis.


Air Traffic Controllers: Staffing Crisis

Vanderlei J. Pollack

During the past year, we’ve chronicled—with the help of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)—the serious problems faced by the men and women who every day safely guide tens of thousands of planes and millions of passenger through the nation’s skies...

The Low Cost Operator: Low Cost or Just Low Quality?

Alec Hills

The airline industry is a young industry. It has been well regulated and protected, and this was probably necessary during the establishment of operations at a satisfactory level of safety. However, like in any protected industry, the protection resulted in the airlines becoming fat and lazy, and the cost and effectiveness left a lot to be desired...

Internet in the Air -Security Issues

William Law

Down here on terra-firma, Internet problems count among very serious issues any company need to deal with. Without even going into the phishing scams and the like, many computers are a hot target for Internet savvy hackers to infiltrate. So what happens when those problems start flying around up above us?

Lost, Delayed and Damaged Luggage

Ashley Nault

Last year air travel increased about 5% amongst air travelers but complaints about baggage doubled. Roughly the airline industry mishandled about 6 out of every 1000 bags. That's not too bad, unless the bag that is lost belongs to you. The airlines have a higher stake now more than ever to ensure your luggage gets to you. The amount the airlines have to pay you for your lost luggage has doubled from $1,250 to $2,500. With those fees, airlines are struggling to find a better way to move and track...

Airlines to Airports: We Have a Problem

Richard Moor

Winston Churchill once said that the Americans and the British were two people separated by a common language. One could make almost the same point about airlines and airports. Sometimes it seems that we are two people separated by a common interest in civil aviation. We have often quarreled over expansion, modernization, noise and emissions, landing fees, and other issues. Too often, it seems, the one thing that is most lacking in civil aviation is “civility.”