Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2008

Jan 28, 2008

Dear readers,

Welcome to the February issue of the TR magazine. The Heritage part is dedicated to the world known destinations that bear the burden of dismal history. Auschwitz, World Trade Center or even Chernobyl they all are here to remind us of the mankind’s darker part. The consequences of human activity are also the topic of the Professional section devoted to all the factors that threaten the tourism industry. Climate change, violence, ferocious construction – they all badly influence the trade.
The Spa section informs about current medical tourism and its pros and cons. Enjoying safari and undertaking surgery can be done at one spot, but the risks should be considered. For those who are preparing for yet another adventure holiday we offer advice on insurance, medical issues and much more. The Transport part then presents several kinds of problems the aviation industry has to deal with in the 21st century. Enjoy your reading!

Milada Sovadinova


HERITAGE: Places to Remember

Gregory Dolgos

- Jan 28, 2008
There are numerous places in the world that stand as a grim memento to some of the appalling parts of human history. Many of these dismal sites are also quite frequented by local and international travellers. Come and learn about the past and future of the World Trade Center, about the terrors of Auschwitz camp and Russian gulag, or even about the popular landmarks of Chernobyl power plant.

PROFESSIONAL: Tourism Endangered

Justin N. Froyd

- Jan 28, 2008
One of the notable characteristics of tourism industry is sensitivity – to economic recession, political unrest, or natural catastrophes. Did you know that there are tropical islands about to sink or coral reefs to vanish? Come and read not only about global warming but also about other human activities threatening travel trade like thermal plants, live fish trade or even hotels.

SPA and MEDICAL: Medical Tourism and the Side Effects

Andrew J. Wein

- Jan 28, 2008
Economic, professional, easy – these are the attributes often heard in connection with the booming medical tourism. However, there are also important issues any potential medical traveler should be informed about. Let’s get familiar with possible drawbacks of getting health care abroad.

ACTIVE / ADVENTURE: Tourism in the Extremes

Anna Luebke

- Jan 28, 2008
Did you think about going for some adventure tour with your kids and did not know how to do it? What about the insurance of your extreme holiday – is it useful? What risks do adventure tourists take? Even better – you are founding an outdoor tour company and look for some marketing tips. Come and read about these and other questions of adventure travel.

TRANSPORT: Air-Travel - Nobody Is Perfect

Daniel A. Tanner

- Jan 28, 2008
When in 1903 the Wright brothers’ plane got off the ground for the first time, nobody could imagine the consequences. Today, thousands of people cross the ocean in high-tech aircrafts every day and take it for granted. However, the aviation industry still needs to deal with serious problems. Lost luggage, delayed flights, staff shortage – these are only some of the issues they are solving on every day basis.