PROFESSIONAL: Tourism Endangered

One of the notable characteristics of tourism industry is sensitivity – to economic recession, political unrest, or natural catastrophes. Did you know that there are tropical islands about to sink or coral reefs to vanish? Come and read not only about global warming but also about other human activities threatening travel trade like thermal plants, live fish trade or even hotels.


Tourism Feels the Heat of Global Warming

James Morris

Climate is an essential resource for tourism, especially for ‎beach, nature and winter ‎sport tourism. The phenomenon of global warming however gravely affects the ‎industry and an increasing number of destinations. In 2003 UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) convened the 1st International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism in Djerba, Tunisia, to help the travel and tourism industry to respond to these issues. That the UNWTO declared climate change a priority issue show...

Thermal Plant Threatening Tourism

Wayne M. Gore

The 3.2 million inhabitants of Albania have gotten used to daily power cuts. At the moment, the country can only meet half its electricity needs. Roughly 90 percent of these are covered by hydropower, and this generation is dependent on weather conditions. Power consumption has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Formerly a state socialist country, Albania has established a democratic system and is moving to liberalize the economy. In order to increase domestic power production, th...

Live Fish Trade: Coral Reefs Endangered

Denise Chen

Endangered species could vanish and coral reefs 'crumble to pieces' because tropical fish are being stunned with cyanide and served up in Hong Kong restaurants. A number of the world's leading marine scientists have recently called for tighter controls on the trade that sees juvenile fish taken to tanks in luxury restaurants so that diners can choose one to eat...

Hotel Boom Causes Troubles

Richard Moor

Bulgarian State Tourism Agency recently announced that the number of foreign tourists who visited the country last year was 0.37% lower on 2006 figures. This happened for the first time in several years. One plausible explanation is the hectic construction work taking place along the Black Sea coast...

Tourism, Violence and the Caribbean

Gregory Dolgos

The Caribbean is said to be the most tourism dependant region in the world. The contribution of tourism to the foreign exchange earnings, direct employment and its linkages to other sectors is well documented. What seems absolutely critical to the survival of the region’s tourism industry is maintaining the image of the Caribbean as a safe haven for tourists...