Chernobyl Power Plant Tour?

Daniel A. Tanner - Jan 28, 2008
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Maybe some will think that Chernobyl, Ukraine, is a truly strange place to visit, but for people who like extreme traveling it is a popular destination. Chernobyl is a place where you will fully understand how the promising nuclear power industry can really be dangerous. The huge necropolis of Chernobyl is an area that now looks as if all the people have just been wiped off the face of the earth in one hit. There have been robbers at Chernobyl that took some things, but all the rest is left. Nothing should be taken out of the perimeter of Chernobyl because everything there contains a radiation charge. You can see that people left everything they had at the Chernobyl complex – clothes, household goods and even jewelry. Everything is radioactive...

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