ACTIVE / ADVENTURE: Tourism in the Extremes

Did you think about going for some adventure tour with your kids and did not know how to do it? What about the insurance of your extreme holiday – is it useful? What risks do adventure tourists take? Even better – you are founding an outdoor tour company and look for some marketing tips. Come and read about these and other questions of adventure travel.


Making Money in the Outdoor Industry

Denise Chen

Have you ever wondered, "How effective is all my marketing?" Are you spending money to get "the word out" and yet your sales aren't what you would like? I will show you the most effective and easy path to increase your sales without spending additional money...

Adventure Tour Guides: What Kind of Job Is That?

Gregory Dolgos

Planning on setting off the see the world? Want to get paid for it? Then you should consider a career working as an adventure tour guide. If you have what it takes, your job may actually be the adventure of a lifetime...

Adventure Travel Insurance: Enjoy With Risk

Alec Hills

For many, travel insurance is a valuable commodity: it offers protection against eventualities that could prove costly, such as personal injury, baggage loss or theft and cancellation cover. Of course, as with most things in life, there are some who won't commit to something without seeing clear proof of the benefit it will give them. Unfortunately, to experience the benefit you will need to encounter an eventuality for which your insurance policy covers you. Without a policy you will learn that...

The Trip of a Lifetime – Adventure with Kids?

Anna Luebke

"In this fast paced world I never get the time to spend with my teenagers. This is an excellent way to stop the clock and have fun with them!" "My goal was to have a special time with my granddaughter and we did. She does not stop talking about all the things she accomplished! I cannot think of anything I would have liked differently." ...

Travel Medicine for the Extreme Traveler

Larry Brain

Extreme travel is defined as journeying to remote destinations or participating in unusual high-risk activities during travel, generally far off the beaten path. These destinations may be in developing countries or in the wilderness of a developed country. Activities may be unusual in nature (e.g. EcoChallenge) or a typical activity in an exotic location (e.g. bird watching in remote Guiana)...