Transport: Advertising Aboard

How do you reach the fine upper-class businessmen with your advertising? How do you make them remember your brand and new products? Go for in-flight media – the possibilities are vast and the effectiveness...well, it is enormous. Come and read about the latest trends in the in-flight advertising and compare the prices of the worldwide airlines...


In-flight Media: Taking the Captive Audience for Granted?

Daniel A. Tanner

The argument in favour of targeting air passengers has always been that they are a captive and highly desirable audience with little to do but read or watch what's put in front of them. But now that budget airlines are providing much of the growth in passenger numbers, and there are so many ways to hit travellers with advertising in the air, is the impact of in-flight being jeopardised?

The Effectiveness of In-flight Media

Gary Diskin

Airline in-flight media, such as in-flight magazines and television programming, are widely read or viewed by frequent flyers, according to a custom research study by Arbitron Inc. According to their In-flight Media Study, conducted on behalf of Pace Communications, the publisher of the airline magazines for Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways, 80 percent of frequent flyers have read or looked through their airline’s in-flight magazine in the past month...

Ads on In-flight TVs Reach Captive Audiences

Justin N. Froyd

Advertising targeting air travelers extends beyond the airport into planes’ interiors. Onboard broadcast messages – wrapped around in-flight entertainment – are today available on most major airlines. July and August are the airlines’ busiest period of vacation travel. To find out how to get your ad on board, read on...

Airline Passengers: The Favourite Shoppers

Laura Maudlin

A major independent study into the effectiveness of advertising to airline passengers and their buying behaviours reveals that this group is on average 10% more likely to recall advertising and 41% more likely to have purchased the brand advertised than the national average...

In-flight Media Case Studies

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Client: Continental Airlines Publisher: The Pohly Company Frequency: Monthly Target: Airline Passengers Client Objectives: Support and increase brand loyalty; Showcase key customers and partners; Move customers to take actions that will benefit the airline; Generate revenue through advertising sales...

Rates for In-flight Magazine Advertising

Andrea Hausold