Tourism Review Online Magazine 4 / 2008

Mar 31, 2008
Dear readers,

Welcome to the spring issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Ever thought about space travel, space walking or experiencing zero G? This is no sci-fi any more. Read the Adventure part and learn about the newest advancements in the orbital and sub-orbital flights offered to tourists. Flying is also the topic of the Transport section presenting the latest trends in the popular in-flight advertising. Not quite cheap – see the rates – but highly effective promotion.
The new and emerging markets are always interesting for hoteliers seeking untouched grounds for their enterprises. The Professional supplement introduces the Asian region, Central Europe or even Mexico as the developing markets popular with hospitality stakeholders. Accessible tourism – in Europe, Asia and any where else – is the focus of the Ethical section. How many of the disabled tourists are there really? What do they need? How should we help them when traveling? Come and find the answers. But first ... what about some good movie ... it might be even online. Read the Heritage supplement not only about the first ever online film festival.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: What’s On? Movies!

Ashley Nault

- Mar 31, 2008
Documentaries, dramas, or romantic comedies – films are watched and loved all around the world. No wonder that so many cities have their own film festivals. Let us get familiar with the history and peculiarities of the Karlovy Vary fest, the Telluride movie show, Italian silent-film fest, or the still young but professional Pusan festival in Korea. What more, plug in your PC because the first online film festival has finally arrived!

Professional: Tourism Marketing in Developing Markets

Tomas Haupt

- Mar 31, 2008
Developing economies become of still greater interest of the tourism industry stakeholders. New and undiscovered markets often hide great potential for enterprises of various sizes. Let us focus on the hospitality industry now and see where the hoteliers head to open new businesses and where they identify the sources of their profits. Europe? Asia? Latin America?

Active / Adventure: Traveling to Space

Justin N. Froyd

- Mar 31, 2008
Out of the 6.70 billion people living on this planet only four men and one woman can call themselves a space tourist. Several decades after the first man entered the cosmos the mass space tourism still remains only in the sci-fi literature. What is the vision for this branch of tourism? When can we get ready for the sub-orbital trips? How much will it cost?

Transport: Advertising Aboard

Bill Alen

- Mar 31, 2008
How do you reach the fine upper-class businessmen with your advertising? How do you make them remember your brand and new products? Go for in-flight media – the possibilities are vast and the effectiveness...well, it is enormous. Come and read about the latest trends in the in-flight advertising and compare the prices of the worldwide airlines...

Ethical: Barrier Free Tourism

Wayne M. Gore

- Mar 31, 2008
There are more than 700 million people with some kind of disability worldwide. Although handicapped they love travelling as much as anyone of us. Accessible tourism is not only about wide doors and greater signs – it is also about people. Come and learn about the trends in accessible tourism and about the ways how to deal with seniors and travellers with disabilities.