PROFESSIONAL/ Business Travel Trends in Vogue

What are the latest trends in business travel in Europe, North America and Asia? What kind of travelers is more likely to work over the night and who goes for the fitness center most often?


Corporate Travel Policies in Europe: Premium Travel Allowed

Michael Trout

The GBTA Foundation, the research arm of the Global Business Travel Association, and Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia, Inc., released results from its second annual Corporate Travel Policy study in Europe, exploring trends and effectiveness in policies. "It is crucial that all companies look inward at their policies to ensure they achieve the goals they are after. With every traveler on the road there is an optimal point where they are able to do their business effectively while n...

International Business Travel - Dos and Don'ts

Cecilia Garland

My first business meeting in a country where English was not the native tongue was in Germany. I was terribly nervous. I didn't know German, and no one was with me that could speak it. I fell all over myself trying to make apologies for speaking in English and not knowing their language. They brushed it off as no big deal. It turns out that English is widely accepted in Germany as the language of business and most Germans are taught it as a second language throughout their early school years....

Business Travel in Asia and Pacific: Singapore and Hong Kong Most Popular

Joe McClain

The Accor Asia Pacific Business Travel Research 2011 report indicated some key trends for the region, to which Accor is planning to respond with its hotel offerings, according to the survey manager. “There were many insights that have been unearthed during the study and many of which will be used to further enhance our brands and ensure their continued relevance to this key market that represents more than 60% of our segmentation,” said Evan Lewis, VP of communications, Asia/Pacif...

Top Health Trends in Business Hotels

Tomas Haupt

As Americans are becoming more health conscious and employers are looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce insurance costs, various hotels are offering fitness, nutrition and even, cleaner air to lure business travelers. According to a study, employees who need to take more than 20 trips in a month are likely to suffer from various health problems, including obesity. Before availing any hotel, travelers need to check out whether the hotels provide the special amenities along with ...