Tourism Review Online Magazine 9 / 2011

Sep 26, 2011

Dear readers

The October issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine is here again inviting you this time to explore your city from the saddle. Cycling tours are growing in popularity in many regions around the world. Learn more in the Adventure supplement. Get ready for special holiday this year and try eco-lodges. There are hundreds of them offering unique experience. Read the Ethical part.

You might think “been there, seen it” but think twice when exploring several less known places in Zagreb, Podgorica, Lefkosia or even good old Ottawa. Open the Heritage supplement focusing on unknown capitals. Indonesia, its beauty and challenges, is the topic of the Destination part and latest business travel trends are the theme of the Professional supplement. Enjoy the fall!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Capital Cities – Exploring the Unknown

Gary Diskin

- Sep 26, 2011

Discover the treasures hidden in Ottawa – its artistic charm and lots of fabulous eateries. Head to Zagreb and Podgorica and explore the history and friendly atmosphere of the cities. Visit Lefkosia in Cyprus and immerse in the numerous styles that influenced the city’s life.

PROFESSIONAL/ Business Travel Trends in Vogue

Cecilia Garland

- Sep 26, 2011

What are the latest trends in business travel in Europe, North America and Asia? What kind of travelers is more likely to work over the night and who goes for the fitness center most often?

ADVENTURE/ Getting Fit! Cycle Tours on the Rise

Anna Luebke

- Sep 26, 2011

Cycling tours are becoming one of the most popular ways to explore holiday destinations. The offer of quality guided cycle tours is growing. Explore UK, Iceland, France, or even China from behind the handlebars.

ETHICAL/ Eco-Lodges for Green Minded Travelers

Justin N. Froyd

- Sep 26, 2011

Immerse in the sounds of nature and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding wilderness – with nothing to disturb you. An eco-lodge is a perfect place for anyone who wants to discover the destination in a unique and environment-friendly way.