DESTINATION/ Indonesia: The Diversity of Cultures

Indonesia is a colorful country with mesmerizing nature and modern metropolises. Discover the diving spots of Bali or the capital Jakarta.


Bali’s Looming Water Crisis Threatens Tourism and Livelihoods

Michael Trout

Bali is world famous for its white sand beaches, turquoise seas, picture-perfect paddy-fields. It has drawn visitors from far and wide for hundreds of years, with tourism now directly employing a quarter of the work force, supporting a further 55 per cent and contributing 30 per cent to Bali’s GDP (BPS,2009). However, according to Bali’s own government, Bali could face a water crisis by 2015 if urgent action is not taken to improve water management. Tourism is a major contributor to this impendi...

Indonesia: Travel and Tourism Bounces back

Laura Maudlin

Whilst Indonesia did not fall victim to recession in 2008-2009 unlike most other countries in the world, travel and tourism still felt the negative impact of the woes affecting other countries, as inbound tourism flow slowed down notably in growth and spending of tourists shrank considerably. 2010 was however, a brighter year, as the recovered economic situation in various countries already translated into more tourists visiting Indonesia, boosting inbound tourism flow quite strongly if not reac...

Top Diving Spots in Bali

Laura Maudlin

Scuba-diving in Bali? Bali is world-renowned for its complex Hindu culture, colourful ceremonies, magnificent volcanic and coastal scenery as well as the artistic and welcoming nature of the Balinese themselves (surely there cannot be a more fascinating island on the planet!) … However, divers may be skeptical when told Bali’s diving is spectacular. Bali repeatedly draws internationally-recognized underwater photographers and journalists from around the globe. Bali’s Diving Situated in the h...

Jakarta: Indonesia's National and Business Capital

Bill Alen

The capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, is a huge, sprawling metropolis, home to 9 million people. During the day the number increases with another 2 million as commuters make their way to work in the city, and flock out again in the evenings. Located on the northern coast of Java, the province of Jakarta has rapidly expanded through the years, absorbing many villages in the process. In fact Jakarta is a conglomeration of villages known as kampungs, now crossed by main roads and hi...