ADVENTURE/ Getting Fit! Cycle Tours on the Rise

Cycling tours are becoming one of the most popular ways to explore holiday destinations. The offer of quality guided cycle tours is growing. Explore UK, Iceland, France, or even China from behind the handlebars.


London and Beyond: The Bike Tour Boom

James Morris

I remember a time when cycling was not only unwelcome on the streets of London, it was actively discouraged. It was only the 1980’s. Today in London we see blue Barclay's hire bikes scouting everywhere, bike racks dotting every corner and major roads framed by bright new cycle 'superhighways'. So too have bicycle tours taken off in the capital. There are several operators now in London and similarly you can do guided bike tours in Oxford, Belfast, Liverpool and many other cities, and t...

Fields of Sunflowers: Cycling through the French Countryside

Tomas Haupt

Discover France on a bike and make it a deluxe experience. Deluxe Cycle Tours present a portfolio of meticulously designed French cycling tours to three of the most stunning and spectacular of all the French regions; each a journey guaranteed to give the travellers an authentic French experience: Sights and History of the Dordogne The Dordogne is peppered with ‘chocolate box’ villages that whilst restored retain their charm. Villages that developed around fortifications cling to ...

Iceland from the Bike Saddle

Andrew J. Wein

Iceland is the perfect country to visit by bicycle. In summer 2011 an Italian bicycle racing team circumvented the country along the ring road (1.381 km) in four days for practice. They loved it. Most independent bicyclists bring their own touring bike and spend anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks in the country. Renting a bike for shorter periods is a great option as is joining one of the many and varied types of bicycle tours on offer. Reykjavik City Tours Reykjavik Bike Tours and bicycle renta...

History and Culture: Cycling Tours in China

James Morris

Why taking a cycling tour in China? It is a vast land full of surprises. Be sure to explore it by your own way. Instead of strapping on the coach seats and driven here and there, taking a bicycle means you can discover it in comfortable pace and see the every detail of Chinese splendid culture, its people and scenery. Ride on the off-the-beaten route and interact with local people in the most beautiful places of China, which are also the most suitable places for all ages to travel by bicycle. ...