ETHICAL/ Eco-Lodges for Green Minded Travelers

Immerse in the sounds of nature and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding wilderness – with nothing to disturb you. An eco-lodge is a perfect place for anyone who wants to discover the destination in a unique and environment-friendly way.


Eco-lodge: A Heaven for Nature Lovers

Sara Thopson

Eco-lodges are predominantly located in natural surroundings offering an experience close to nature. It is a concept where guests enjoy a place for what it inherently has to offer, rather than something that is replicated from elsewhere. The guests therefore, get to interact with the local people and observe their life-styles, appreciate a culture and environment, different from their own. The cuisine here is usually local, the only adaptation may be the toning down of spice to suit the palle...

Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge: Implementing Responsible Tourism in Morocco

Andrea Hausold

When most people think of Morocco’s coastal city of Agadir, long stretches of sandy beaches, mass tourism resorts, souvenir shops, and the sun shining 300 days of the year come to mind. Not many think of ecotourism and sustainable living. Take a short drive east of the touristy stretch of Agadir, through the UNESCO-designated Argan Biosphere Reserve and enjoy the gentle curves of the roads at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. In less than 20 minutes the rose-colored traditional...

Canada and Eco-lodge Holidays Are a “Natural” Fit

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Some eco-lodges are truly remote, one might say immersed in a natural setting, while requiring considerable effort or expense to reach them. Other eco-lodges are more accessible, only a short drive or boat ride removed from the beaten path while still retaining the feel of a genuine nature adventure. I will share two authentic eco-lodge experiences in Canada, each one with a distinctive personality and a natural backdrop that is guaranteed to offer a memorable eco-holiday. The first indicatio...

Green Tourism at Its Best: Farakunku Lodges in The Gambia

Samuel Dorsi

So often, the term ‘eco-lodge’ is wrongly used as a label for any tourist accommodation off the beaten track and offering only basic facilities. It can have a rather rough and ready approach to service and accommodation. This idea that the more basic the provision, the better the eco label fits, is not true green tourism and nor is it what all tourists want on their travels. A true eco-lodge, offers quality green tourism, and requires considerable investment in providing a clean, ...

Egypt: Discover the Eco-lodges in the Siwa Oasis

Alec Hills

Siwa is one of the world’s last remaining pristine oases in Egypt, home to spectacular natural landscapes, ancient historical ruins and unique cultural traditions. Famed as the location of the Oracle of Amon, whom Alexander the Great consulted before continuing his Persian conquest, Siwa exists today much as it always has. Majestic rock formations, lush groves and brilliant salt lakes that have nurtured and inspired its people since they settled here 12,000 years ago continue to enchant a...