Medical/ Historical Perspective - Spas Now and Then

The range of procedures offered by spa and wellness facilities is dynamically growing every year. Not all of the amazing new procedures are new though. Many of them are actually based on centuries old traditions and time proven cures. Let’s go back in time and learn the history of German spas and the procedures embraced in Singapore, try the unique Zanzibar, but check also the current spa industry trends.


Modern Spas Embracing Ancient Times

Larry Brain

Spas can be seen everywhere. They come in many different shapes and sizes and range from day spas, destination spas to medi-spas. Although they may seem to have sprung overnight this is certainly not the case. History would tell us that the origins of spas can be traced to early civilizations. Ancient History Etymologically, spa is traced from the Latin verb ‘spagere’ meaning to pour forth. Another accepted credence is that the word spa is derived from the Wallon word ‘esp...

German History Intertwined with Bathing Culture

Tomas Haupt

Even back in mythical primeval times, water was doubtless the very basis of life for everyone. Of the four classical elements revered since ancient times – earth, fire, air and water – mankind’s relationship with water above all has always been a principal part of human culture in Germany. Water, particularly clear, flowing water, was extolled for its cleansing, healing and atoning traits. Evidence from mythical times reveals how springs in Germania were thought to be inhabi...

In the Time of Crisis: Recession Created Demand for Spas

Theodore Slate

According to Euromonitor International, the impact of the global economic crisis, along with hectic lifestyles and increasing urbanisation are just some of the factors behind the trend towards increased spa demand and the personal wellness lifestyle trend. The global traveller is scaling back on purchasing. Consumer price sensitivity has increased and more than ever consumers are demanding high quality services at more affordable prices. Moreover, consumers are foregoing all luxuries and cons...

The Top 10 Spa Trends of the Past Decade

Cecilia Garland

While SpaFinder has been forecasting annual spa trends for many years, 2010 represents the first time the company has spotlighted the top 10 spa trends for an entire decade. …And what a decade it’s been! From ‘organic’ to ‘indigenous,’ from ‘social spa-ing’ to the ‘online spa scene,’ the spa category was radically transformed and expanded from 2000 to 2010, as the industry met global challenges with unprecedented innovations that will positively impact us all for years to come. 1. Indigenous...

Thailand: Preserving Traditions in an Age of Change

Chris Grad

While spas have been around for thousands of years, their popularity in the last twenty years has exploded as people seek havens from the stresses of everyday life. But times of rapid change carry risks for losing the ancient traditions that explain the attraction of spas and massage. Here in Thailand the government has taken strong steps to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Thai massage by offering cheap, accessible but rigorous training courses, with re-examination every two years. But...

Mrembo: Traditional Swahili Style Spa

Tourism Review News Desk

Like everywhere in the world, the “wellness” phenomenon has taken over the island of Zanzibar. Spas are popping up across the island in the hotels often run by Thai therapists, offering a dizzying choice of treatments. However, on the Archipelago of Unguja and Pemba (Zanzibar) both women and men have been using the indigenous flowers, herbs and spices in their traditional treatments for centuries. If you want to try something different, head over to Mrembo in Stone Town for a Zanziba...