Tourism Review Online Magazine 3 / 2010

Feb 22, 2010

Dear readers

If you just got back from your weekend in the mountains enjoying your time on the slopes, let us invite you to take a break and read the latest TR magazine. Perhaps you have been thinking about trying some new spa procedure to relieve your muscle pain. What about going for some ancient cure offered by your local spa? The past and the present of the wellness world is the topic of the Medical supplement. If you like the idea of a journey back in time, you might also be fond of trying a unique experience of perhaps slow yet rewarding travel by train. Visit India, Switzerland, or South Africa and read the Transport part.

The remarkable world of indigenous peoples is the theme of the Heritage supplement. Let’s get familiar with Bedouins of south Sinai, rural communities of Nepal or even aboriginal population in Australia. A visit to Galicia in northwestern Spain also ensures your holiday will be full of interesting encounters with the locals. They are friendly, hospitable and Celtic! Open the Destination supplement and learn more. First of all, check out the best of the best cities in the world and get familiar with the top communities of the modern time – in the Professional part.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage/ Indigenous Travels All around the World

Laura Maudlin

- Feb 22, 2010

Native peoples are always attractive to tourists who appreciate any chance of getting closer to the locals. Well aware of this inclination, many tour operators offer trips specifically aimed at the indigenous cultures. Visit aboriginal peoples in Western Australia, local communities in British Columbia, the world of Maori in New Zealand, or even the Egyptian Bedouins.

Professional/ Top of the Top - Cities for Best Life...

Tourism Review News Desk

- Feb 22, 2010

What is the happiest city in the world? What is the best place for your next conference? Where do the healthiest people live? Check out a selection of the world’s best cities – best for life, best for sport, best for business. Here they are: San Francisco, Denver, London, Frankfurt, and Melbourne.

Medical/ Historical Perspective - Spas Now and Then

Larry Brain

- Feb 22, 2010

The range of procedures offered by spa and wellness facilities is dynamically growing every year. Not all of the amazing new procedures are new though. Many of them are actually based on centuries old traditions and time proven cures. Let’s go back in time and learn the history of German spas and the procedures embraced in Singapore, try the unique Zanzibar, but check also the current spa industry trends.

Transport/ Train Journeys of a Lifetime

William Law

- Feb 22, 2010

In many countries trains are simply the everyday part of peoples’ lives. Some railways however offer unique experience sometimes bringing the travelers closer to the nature, sometimes reminding them of the time long past. Enjoy the ride by the Rocky Mountaineer, Norway’s Flåm Railway, or the Rovos Rail in South Africa.

Destination/ Galicia - Pilgrim’s Haven

Samuel Dorsi

- Feb 22, 2010

Green Galicia with its remarkable people of Celtic origin has been a luring destination not only for nature lovers or wine enthusiasts. It is also the desired destination of many pilgrims. As such for years the region in the northwestern Spain has been one of the important centers of European religious tourism.