Heritage/ Indigenous Travels All around the World

Native peoples are always attractive to tourists who appreciate any chance of getting closer to the locals. Well aware of this inclination, many tour operators offer trips specifically aimed at the indigenous cultures. Visit aboriginal peoples in Western Australia, local communities in British Columbia, the world of Maori in New Zealand, or even the Egyptian Bedouins.


Indigenous Cultures: A Highlight of British Columbia Travel

Theodore Slate

In many regions of the province’s nearly one million square kilometers (366,000 square mile), British Columbia hosts the greatest diversity of indigenous peoples in North America offering a wide range of authentic opportunities for independent travellers or small tour groups to learn about and connect with distinctive native cultures. Over the past decade, a great deal of forethought and money have been invested by governments, native bands, and individual aboriginal entrepreneurs in creat...

Sharing Aboriginal Culture in Western Australia

Dan Rang

Western Australia has a rich and diverse range of Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences on offer which provides the unique opportunity for Indigenous operators to share their knowledge and culture with the rest of the world. Tourism, through song-lines, outback tracks and traditional practices and ceremonies going back many thousands of years, brings visitors to Western Australia the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Australia’s Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal tourism is the freshest...

Bedouins of South Sinai: Culture and Traditions

Samuel Dorsi

Bedouins have traditionally occupied the Sinai Peninsula. Their culture has been founded on strict tribal laws and traditions. Tribal law for example prohibits the cutting of "green trees" – the penalty could be up to three 2-year old camels or their equivalent value. Bedouins say that "killing a tree is like killing a soul”. So what is the best way to experience local culture while on holiday if not to come close to its source and observe it in its environment? The best way to kn...

New Trail through the Most Culturally Diverse Areas of Nepal

William Law

Sandwiched between the up and coming economic titans, China and India, Nepal is an immensely beautiful country. The tiny Himalayan nation is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination due to its awe-inspiring natural scenery – including Mount Everest with the world’s highest mountain ecosystem – and enchanting ethnic communities. Annually, more than half a million visitors come to Nepal, with the majority engaging in adventure and culture based activities like trekking, rafting, moun...

Maori Tours: The World of Herbal Medicine

Wayne M. Gore

Herbal medicines and family history combine to provide one of the great tourist ventures in Kaikoura. Maori Tours takes guests on a tour, which traces local and family history and then on for a bush walk to explore the medicinal properties of our native trees and bush. There is no doubt that many of, or most of, the remedies possessed validity says Dr, Raymond Stark in his book Maori Herbal Remedies (1979.) Over the years, trial, success, and failure honed the skills to treat various illnesse...