Destination/ Galicia - Pilgrim’s Haven

Green Galicia with its remarkable people of Celtic origin has been a luring destination not only for nature lovers or wine enthusiasts. It is also the desired destination of many pilgrims. As such for years the region in the northwestern Spain has been one of the important centers of European religious tourism.


Galicia – The Land of Traditions

Dan Rang

Over the past decade visitors to Spain have started to explore some of the country’s more northerly regions, the largest and most popular of which is Galicia. Green All Over Galicia is a green and temperate part of the Iberian Peninsula situated in the North Western corner of Spain. It is sandwiched between Portugal to the south, Asturias to the east and the infamous Bay of Biscay to the north. As a result it is very different from the Mediterranean resorts of southern Spain. Another ...

The Pilgrim’s Way to ‘Santiago de Compostela’

Andrea Hausold

The discovery of Saint James’ remains around the year 820 constitutes the beginning of the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela – initially only a simple sanctuary it developed into a city due to the influx of pilgrims who came to pay homage. Gradually the city has become one of the three major cities of Roman Catholicism along with Jerusalem and Rome.   It was King Alfonso II El Casto (‘The Chaste’) who ordered to build the little church in the place of St. James’ remains. The news quickly ...

Turexpo Galicia: Getting Galicia International

Denise Chen

The first edition of the tourism fair Turexpo Galicia 2009 last November closed its three days with a turnout of 6.000 visitors. For a few days, the exhibition became a business centre and a meeting point for the professionals of the sector. The first edition of Turexpo Galicia was dedicated specifically to the Jacobean Year 2010, a very appealing international event that will be essential for tourism not only in Galicia, but also in all the regions crossed by Saint James Way this year. 3.38...

Sample the Finest Roman Architecture in Lugo

Chris Grad

Northern Spain and Galicia particularly has long been an undiscovered jewel in the whole of the Spanish tourism industry and within that undiscovered jewel in particular we are going to take a look at Lugo. Overall of all of the autonomous regions of Spain possibly Galicia is the most remote and this makes Lugo even more of an undiscovered treasure. Traditionally, Galicia was seen as a poor agricultural region, whose economy did not lend itself to modernisation and yet as far as tourism is co...

Touring the Vineyards of Celtic Spain

Samuel Dorsi

Starting our journey in the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela, we began the wine portion of our tour of Spain's Hidden Celtic Paradise by traveling south and then eastward along river valleys and over high sierras. We pass fishing ports and Celtic sites, Cistercian Monasteries, bodegas and nature parks, all set against mesmerizing green landscapes of the region where they say "rain is art." In the vineyard-covered valleys of Galicia in Northwest Spain, we find five Denomination de Ori...