SPA: Spa, Tourism & Promotion

Wellness and spa industry enjoys a great popularity among travelers worldwide. Refreshing massage, soothing herbal baths or exotic hot stones therapy lure an increasing number of women as well as men every day. However, in the great amount of services on offer it becomes most important to know how to promote one’s spa. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or United Arab Emirates devote a lot of money and energy in advertising their spa industry. Let us get familiar with basic promotion strategies embraced not only by the state agencies but also by the small spa businesses.


Thailand Gears Up to Be Asia’s Hub in Medical and Spa Tourism

Dan Rang

The spa sector in Thailand has experienced a strong growth and in a relatively short period Thailand has become known as the “Spa Capital of Asia”. In recent years Thai Spas have experienced a surge of demand especially from foreigners, seeking wellness and health recreation at one of the many spas in Thailand. Investors are actively seeking promising business opportunities.

Now, Dubai as Spa Destination

Pat Hyland

To ensure complete occupancy in hotels this summer, Dubai will be projecting itself as the ultimate spa destination during the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) from June 21 to August 31. Dubai currently has 400 hotels with 40,862 rooms. In a recent list of spas compiled by Leading Spas of the World, the first global evaluation and certification programme for the spa industry, three out of four luxury spas in the Middle East are located in Dubai.

Alpine Water and Chinese Spa - Successful Promotion Strategy

Bill Alen

Brand extensions aren’t always easy or successful. When Evian, with its promise of "natural mineral water from the Alps, untouched by man," loaned its brand name to its own unique spa experience, however, it was both credible and exciting all at once.

Seven Most Common Mistakes in Spa Development and Promotion

Andrew J. Wein

1. Building the business inside the box The size of the spa facility should be determined by the capture ratio of in-house and local guests. Demand can be determined by the hotel’s occupancy, rate, ratio of leisure versus group business and relevant competing spa supply.

Promoting Your Spa

Alec Hills

Set your objectives and action plan To promote your spa successfully first you should set your action plan. Define measurable objectives and apply specific timelines to each. For instance, if your objective is to establish yourself as a leading authority on skin care in your community, you may want to schedule lectures at professional gatherings or present topics of interests to local women’s groups.

Spa Marketing Strategy

William Law

Do you think that you're doing all that you can to get the name of your spa out there? There are so many great day spas, beauty salons, beauty products, and beauty professionals today. How can you stand out amongst all of the competition out there?