Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2007

Jun 25, 2007
Dear readers

With the summer holiday approaching many tourists contemplate the way they are going to spend their so-long-awaited leisure time. This year however the direction of the travelers’ interests might be slightly different - the new 7 wonders will be revealed to the world! Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, or the Great Wall of China? Which is going to belong to the wonder-full list? Which is going to enjoy the increased interest of travelers and greater incomes from tourism? Let us wait and see. Our current issue also focuses on the promotion strategies in the spa industry as well as the peculiarities of destination branding. What should be different when promoting New York City or a new type of polo shirt? What do we need to be aware of? Let us learn from the experts

Milada Sovadinova


HERITAGE: Looking for the New Wonders

Tourism Review News Desk

- Jun 25, 2007
In a couple of days the world will have its seven wonders - vol. 2. Great number of votes is sent each day in support of people’s favorite wonder and many heritage-lovers cannot wait until the new list is announced on the 7th July. Travel agencies are preparing for a shift in the tourists tastes after the seven must-sees are published. While waiting for the big moment let us have a look behind the scenes not only of the organizers but of the competing countries as well.

PROFESSIONAL: Whisky, Wine, Food Tours

Joe McClain

- Jun 25, 2007
One of the memorable parts of your holiday is the gastronomic experience you are about to enjoy. Food as well as wine tourism and other similarly focused tours gain more and more acclaim both among the travelers and the professionals. This section presents the current trends in gastro tourism, informs about the ups and downs of wine tourism, invites you to taste the specialties of the Spanish cuisine and Scotch distilleries.

SPA: Spa, Tourism & Promotion

Andrew J. Wein

- Jun 25, 2007
Wellness and spa industry enjoys a great popularity among travelers worldwide. Refreshing massage, soothing herbal baths or exotic hot stones therapy lure an increasing number of women as well as men every day. However, in the great amount of services on offer it becomes most important to know how to promote one’s spa. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or United Arab Emirates devote a lot of money and energy in advertising their spa industry. Let us get familiar with basic promotion strategies embraced not only by the state agencies but also by the small spa businesses.

ACTIVE / ADVENTURE: Fair Winds - Sailing Holidays

Laura Maudlin

- Jun 25, 2007
Clear sky, bright sun, azure water and sea gulls - all of this sounds quite familiar to the increasing number of yacht tourists. Yachting is not a favorite activity only of the rich ones any more but it is also the kind of holiday suitable for corporate events as well as family leisure. Let us look closely at the current trends in the yachting industry with a special stress on the luxury yachting.

MANAGEMENT: Destination Branding

Andrew J. Wein

- Jun 25, 2007
Let us continue with the story started in the previous issue - the popular topic of branding destinations. Promoting countries or cities differs immensely from branding a new car or soda-water. What are the peculiarities though? What should we do to make the world know - we are here and we are worth seeing? Let us look at those that have reached the goal and enjoy great success in branding their destination.