MANAGEMENT: Destination Branding

Let us continue with the story started in the previous issue - the popular topic of branding destinations. Promoting countries or cities differs immensely from branding a new car or soda-water. What are the peculiarities though? What should we do to make the world know - we are here and we are worth seeing? Let us look at those that have reached the goal and enjoy great success in branding their destination.


Places: The New Brand Frontier

Joe McClain

While branding has been applied to consumer products for decades, the concept of strategically branding countries, cities and regions really only appeared during the mid-90 's to assist them to compete more effectively in an increasingly marketing environment.

Mapping a Country’s Future

Pat Hyland

Imagine France without fashion, Germany without automotive excellence or Japan without consumer electronics. There’s no arguing that the image we have of another country says a lot about how we view it as a tourist destination, a place to invest or a source of consumer goods. How does a country brand differ from a product or service brand? Who controls it? And how do you ensure ‘internal’ alignment?

Best Practices in Destination Branding

Denise Chen

Hidden Treasures of Cumbria VisitScotland - 'Destination Brand' Vegas Stories campaign Northern Ireland Tourist Board Visit London - London's tourist economy Tourism New Zealand - 100% pure New Zealand

Brand Austria: Values That Work

Daniel A. Tanner

Using a panoramic format, consistent graphic language and selection of motifs, the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) very successfully communicated the themes mountains and lakes, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, wellness and gastronomy. The format was indeed so successful that in recent years it was frequently adopted by other advertisers in a wide variety of businesses, thus detracting from the originality and easy recognition of the ANTO campaign.