PROFESSIONAL: Whisky, Wine, Food Tours

One of the memorable parts of your holiday is the gastronomic experience you are about to enjoy. Food as well as wine tourism and other similarly focused tours gain more and more acclaim both among the travelers and the professionals. This section presents the current trends in gastro tourism, informs about the ups and downs of wine tourism, invites you to taste the specialties of the Spanish cuisine and Scotch distilleries.


Food Tourism Is on the Boil

Tomas Haupt

It could be the colorful sight of a giant rustic paella in a Spanish seaside town or the smell of a warm bagel on a New York street. But whatever the dish, it seems food is something an increasing number of us remember from our travels. Like never before, holiday makers are choosing where they go by what they can put in their stomachs - and catering for them is now top of the menu for tour operators and destinations.

Peru’s Gastro Tourism Attracts Regional Travelers

Richard Moor

Peru's gastro-tourism industry, along with its conventional tourism sector, is growing at incredible rates as Peruvian governmental marketing strategies aimed at regional travelers have begun to pay dividends.

Spain’s Next Food Mecca

Chris Grad

Valencia is famous for classic rice dishes like paella, but as Anya von Bremzen discovers, chefs in the city and nearby are creating brilliant riffs on the timeless recipes.

Wine Tourism and Wine Culture

Wayne M. Gore

Wine has been and still is a temptation for our senses and pleasing for our palates. Great food always goes with great wine, no matter if white or red. Evening hours are so to speak ideal to be turned into romantic moments with a glass of wine. No wonder that the tourism industry noticed that they can use this delicious product of the grapes for their own purpose.

Tourism Drive on the Whisky Coast

Andrew J. Wein

They include some of the most magical names in the pantheon of the finest Scottish malts: Bruichladdich, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Isle of Jura and Talisker. And recently, 16 of Scotland's best-known whisky brands joined forces for the first time to form a united company to promote the rugged west coast and its myriad islands as one of the country's premier tourism destinations.