ACTIVE / ADVENTURE: Fair Winds - Sailing Holidays

Clear sky, bright sun, azure water and sea gulls - all of this sounds quite familiar to the increasing number of yacht tourists. Yachting is not a favorite activity only of the rich ones any more but it is also the kind of holiday suitable for corporate events as well as family leisure. Let us look closely at the current trends in the yachting industry with a special stress on the luxury yachting.


World Yacht Tourism

Theodore Slate

Tourism has very important positive effects on developed and under developing countries in view of economical, political, cultural and social lives. Marine tourism takes a great share in the general tourism activities. The demand for yachting is increasing because of its features: it satisfies the feelings of freedom, being close to nature and history, sports and adventure, exploration. Yacht Tourism means the type of tourism consisting of 'yacht management', 'yachter', 'yacht manufacture' and '...

Yachting in the Caribbean

Justin N. Froyd

Caribbean yachting is different from other forms of Caribbean water sports because a yacht is far roomier and it offers you the chance to enjoy your vacation away from hotels and on a boat. People with sailing experience are especially going to enjoy the freedom of chartering their own yacht and sailing in the Caribbean. However, note that if you want to just sit back and not worry about the technicalities of sailing then you had better get some crew. If you have never tried a sailing vacation b...

Trends and the Yachting Experience

Theodore Slate

Luxury yacht ownership and chartering are becoming more popular every year, especially in the Caribbean. The well-to-do traveler enjoys a vacation of unsurpassed freedom, elegance and style on their private luxury or mega yacht.

Luxury Private Yacht Industry Experiences Massive Global Growth

Nils Kraus

Global demand for private luxury yachts has been increasing steadily over the last five years. Marinas are at saturation point in many parts of the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean with even Egypt experiencing a rapid rise in Red Sea marina developments. This growth is due to the largest demand for leisure boats ever seen.

Yacht Charter Companies Offer Corporate Yachting Facilities

Justin N. Froyd

There are many yacht charter companies around these days, many of which deal with corporate yacht charters as well as private ones. Both private and corporate chartering has become more and more popular over the years, and there is now a wide selection of companies to help with all of your charter needs. From a luxury boat to one of a selection of bareboats, you can sail away in the perfect vessel.

The Rise of Croatia for Sailing Holidays

Pat Hyland

In the 1980s, Croatia - then part of Yugoslavia - built up a sizeable yacht charter industry. It was never then on the scale to rival long time favourite Greece, but it was large enough to get itself noticed as an attractive coming destination. Then came the various Balkan wars - one of them involving Croatia itself - and the disintegration of old Yugoslavia. Croatia is now the ex-Yugoslav republic with almost all the coast line!