SPA/ Presenting Spas: Shows and Exhibitions

Spa and wellness is a dynamically growing industry all around the world. Get to know some of the most important shows and summits essential for any spa provider.


Wellness Summit: The Premiere Spa Event in Asia

Richard Moor

Wellness Summit 2011, 12-13 October, Singapore Though seemingly divergent in nature, the fields that are now converging and synergizing—medicine, health, beauty and spa— have similar aims governed by the same collective consciousness towards wellness for tomorrow. The evolution resulting through its integration needs to be managed and fostered to allow for their growth to be nurtured and to flourish together. Understanding the shifts and breaking traditional barriers and borders are...

Host 2011: Hotel Industry and Spas in Italy

William Law

Host 2011, 21-25 October, Milano, Italy According to Eurostat, Italy is the European country with the most hotel rooms and beds and is second only to Spain in the number of bookings made, with 237.7 million in 2009 compared to Spain’s 251.1 million. Germany is in third place (215.6 million), followed by France (191.2 million) and by the United Kingdom (169.6 million). Germany’s third place is due to the great strength of its domestic market, amounting to a share of about 80%, whi...

Global Spa Summit: A Conference for the Top-Level Executives

James Morris

Global Spa Summit 2012, 4-6 June, Aspen, Colorado At the beginning of the 2000's, a group of industry leaders decided to create and fund a conference modeled in part after the successful format of the not-for-profit World Economic Forum held each year in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders from all parts of the world gather to solve shared problems. Thus the Global Spa Summit was founded. The Summit (GSS) is held annually, beginning on the third Sunday in May. Today Global Spa Summit is an inv...

Indonesia: Bali International Spa and Wellness Expo

Laura Maudlin

Bali International Spa & Wellness Expo 2012, September, Indonesia Held in March 2011 the Bali International Spa & Wellness Expo, Indonesia received 1,135 visitors which is an increase compared to the last events in 2007 & 2008. The trade fair is held in partnership with local well-established general spa & wellness trade fair. A total of more than 85 exhibitors presented their latest products covering all types of spa, beauty and wellness products, from Soap, Anti Aging, Spa...