Spa and Medical: Rare Spa Experience

All the wine “tasters” will love the idea of literally bathing in ... yes ... red wine! It is not only fun, it is healthy as well. So they say. Staying with popular beverages you can also try a relaxing beer bath which you can enjoy in various spas of the Central Europe. For the more adventurous we go further to the East where you can dive in naftalan or go for the mysterious cupping session.


The Ages Old Tradition of Cupping

Bill Alen

When actress Gwyneth Paltrow stepped out onto the red carpet bearing the marks of an ancient healing technique above the back line of her glamorous evening gown, it caused quite a media frenzy. What were these peculiar circular marks? Had Miss Paltrow been the subject of some barbarous act of torture? For those in the know it was obvious that Gwyneth had had a cupping session – a three thousand year old therapy that is still leaving its mark in the medical world today...

Wine Spa: Enjoy the Touch of the Grapes

Gary Diskin

Relaxing in a bath with a glass of fine wine takes on a whole new meaning in spas today. Spas around the world are forgoing serving wine as a side, and turning it into the main course. Champagne Facials, Wine Barrel Baths, Vinotherapy scrubs and Shiraz or Chardonnay cocoon wraps are now being enjoyed in spas. Not only do these services feel good, they are good for your health...

Naftalan Bath to Rejuvenate Your Body

Justin N. Froyd

Many of us are acquainted with different spa treatments adopted by spa centers across the world, which offer a variety of choices in treatments varying from lymphatic massages to reflexology aimed at releasing your stress and rejuvenating your body and soul as well. These treatments are based on herbs and vegetable oils, while in some cases flowers petals are brought in use, and even chocolate spas are being used by spa centers these days...

More Bizarre Beauty Rituals

Larry Brain

As people become more concerned about their appearance and desperately want to hide their real age, there’s no stopping them from trying out weird and wacky beauty rituals. Here is a sampling of the latest beauty regimens that prove that truth is stranger than fiction...

The Czech Beer Spa: Is It Really Good for You?

Sara Thopson

There's nothing like a cold beer at the end of the day to ease those stresses and strains. The small Chodovar brewery in West Bohemia has taken the healing power of beer to the next level - and opened the world's first medicinal beer spa. But does a "beer bath" really have healing properties - or is it just a publicity stunt for the beer industry?