Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2008

May 26, 2008
Dear readers,

Welcome to your favorite travel magazine. This time we prepared something special for you. New and unique – this is the theme of the June’s issue. First, go to the Professional section for several unusual hotel designs all over the world. Ever thought of spending your holiday underground yet in comfort? Come and read about hotels accommodating guests in caves or even underwater. Being unusual is the trend of weddings these days as well – see the Active & Adventure supplement. Divers will love the idea of getting married under the sea. Others might go for a wedding on a glacier, in a hot air balloon or train, or even on the top of an elephant.
After your wedding it might be a good time for some rest. Let’s get some special spa treatment. Wine, beer, naftalan and even snakes can be found in many luxurious spas nowadays. Find out why in the Spa section. Innovation is also the topic of our Transport supplement focusing on the air travel and the recent improvements in the industry. Now, if there is too much of novelties for you why not to open the Heritage part and get familiar with some of the oldest festivals worldwide. Enjoy your reading.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Good Old Fests and Events

Cecilia Garland

- May 26, 2008
All over the world there are hundreds and hundreds of fabulous festivals taking place every year. Nevertheless, some of them are celebrated not only for decades but even for centuries. Let’s get familiar with classical Hindustani music fest, the Irish Ould Lammas Fair, the German festival of new music as well as Nevruz, the allegedly oldest festival in the world.

Professional: Hotels – Unique and Fabulous

Nils Kraus

- May 26, 2008
Frequent traveler? Bored with the same unnoticeable hotels all the time? Get ready for quite different accommodation. Let us introduce several unique hotels designed as a major tourist attraction in their own right. Get ready to go underwater, underground, into the cave or to meet with the old masters of philosophy or even to meet with ... a giraffe!

Active / Adventure: Wedding at Your Own Risk

Kevin Eagan

- May 26, 2008
Getting ready for the very special day of your life? Think about the numerous ideas of non-traditional weddings. Read about the wonderful weddings on the back of an elephant, on the top of Alaskan glacier, in the hot air balloon, or even in the roller coaster. What more? Ever thought about reciting your vows underwater?

Spa and Medical: Rare Spa Experience

Tomas Haupt

- May 26, 2008
All the wine “tasters” will love the idea of literally bathing in ... yes ... red wine! It is not only fun, it is healthy as well. So they say. Staying with popular beverages you can also try a relaxing beer bath which you can enjoy in various spas of the Central Europe. For the more adventurous we go further to the East where you can dive in naftalan or go for the mysterious cupping session.

Transport: New and Wonderful – Airline Innovations

Justin N. Froyd

- May 26, 2008
Air travel is the everyday source of news. Lost luggage, delays, prices – they all feed the newscast considerably. However, let’s see how the industry is moving forward. Get familiar with the luxury of Airbus A380, see what the airlines can do about delays, or how accessible they really are.