Professional: Hotels – Unique and Fabulous

Frequent traveler? Bored with the same unnoticeable hotels all the time? Get ready for quite different accommodation. Let us introduce several unique hotels designed as a major tourist attraction in their own right. Get ready to go underwater, underground, into the cave or to meet with the old masters of philosophy or even to meet with ... a giraffe!


Underwater Hotel? Why Not?

Andrew J. Wein

When guests visit Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, they discover that the name is no marketing gimmick. Just to enter the Lodge, one must actually scuba dive 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea. Jules’ really is underwater. Diving through the tropical mangrove habitat of the Emerald Lagoon and approaching the world’s only underwater hotel is quite an experience. Even from the outside, Jules’ big 42 inch round windows cast a warm invitation to come in and stay a while, relax and ge...

Sort Your Thoughts – In the Philosophy Hotel

James Morris

Turning over the annual calendar often gets people asking themselves some really deep questions, like...Does anybody really know what time it is? What's love got to do with it? Are you going to Scarborough Fair? And is the Wittgenstein Suite available?

Sleeping in Comfort: Underground!

Andrea Hausold

National Parks: White Cliffs is located between two national parks: Mutawinji, 90 minutes west, holds sacred Aboriginal grounds that can be visited in tours conducted by Aboriginal guides. And 45 minutes east, a new national park has been opened: Peery. With its large lake, Peery provides significant wetland habitat, with magnificent wildlife...

Watch Out! There Is a Giraffe!

Larry Brain

Without sacrificing its estate-in-the-country dignity—or all of it, anyway—Giraffe Manor in Langata, Kenya, is arranged so that roaming giraffes can poke their heads into any open window or doorway with impunity and lather guests with their sticky, prehensile tongues. Your guesthouse is their guesthouse, so the silly creatures pop up everywhere, including over the breakfast table, in the lobby, and through the curtains of the five guest rooms for adults...

Staying in a Luxurious Cave Hotel

Sara Thopson

Perfectly decorated Anatolian Cave Suites welcome you in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey. Anatolian Houses promises the guests a luxurious hotel service within cave formations which is part of Cappadocia's historical structure. This eighteen-room cave hotel is definitely the 'hole in the wall' accommodation. Located in a restored thousand-year-old Byzantine monastic retreat it offers modern conveniences alongside a distinctly spiritual atmosphere. Part of the hotel was used by Christian monks un...