Heritage: Good Old Fests and Events

All over the world there are hundreds and hundreds of fabulous festivals taking place every year. Nevertheless, some of them are celebrated not only for decades but even for centuries. Let’s get familiar with classical Hindustani music fest, the Irish Ould Lammas Fair, the German festival of new music as well as Nevruz, the allegedly oldest festival in the world.


The Ould Lammas Fair

Samuel Dorsi

The Ould Lammas Fair takes place in Ballycastle, County Antrim, on the last Monday and Tuesday in August. It is one of the oldest fairs in Ireland and has been held without interruption for more than four centuries dating back to the 17th century...

Nevruz: The Worlds Oldest Fest

Bill Alen

Nevruz, the world's oldest festival which is celebrated by festivities under various names in many communities, is being celebrated in the Turkish world as ''the exit of Turks from Ergenekon'' and ''the beginning of the new year in Turkish calendar with 12 animals'' since 5000 years ago. Some accept this day as the day God created Earth, some as the day Prophet Noah stepped on Earth after the Flood. Some accept it as the day first human-being was created, and some as the messenger of Spring...

133 Years of Hindustani Classical Music Festival

Joe McClain

The vibrant voices of the vocalists, the soul stirring strains of Sitar, Santoor and Sarangi, the thundering sounds of Tabla and Pakhawaj, the cascading notes of Flute & Shehnai, the magic of Mohan Veena, the enchanting notes of Veena & Violin and the harmonious notes of Harmonium – all have touched the souls of enlightened audiences at Shree Baba Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan, year after year...

The Traditional “Jatras” of Nepal

Tourism Review News Desk

Rato Macchendranath Jatra (jatra means festival).which begins on the full moon day of Baisakh is the longest as well as the most important festival of Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal. It begins with several days of ceremonies and the fabrication of a wooden-wheeled chariot at Pulchowk, near the Ashoka Stupa. The chariot bears the shrine of the Rato (Red) Macchendranath and carries a very tall spire fabricated from "bamboo poles raised from four ends of the chariot. The Rato Machhendranath is the God who...

Donaueschingen Festival for New Music

Joe McClain

The Donaueschingen Festival ('Donaueschinger Musiktage') is a new music festival that takes place every October in the small town of Donaueschingen, Germany. The Festival was founded in 1921 under the princely protection of the House of Fürstenberg. It is today the oldest and most traditional Festival for new music in the world and is generally regarded as the prototype for festivals in specialized fields of culture, which by virtue of their specialization have in their turn become an independen...