Spa and Medical: Peculiar Medical Travels

Medical tourism is a huge part of the tourism as well as health market. Every year new services and facilities emerge. Let’s get familiar with a few titbits from the world of medical travels. Read about the innovative dentist in Bermuda, plastic surgery without scalpel as well as the vast possibilities of European medical spa.


Health Problems? European Medical Spas Offer Relief

Sara Thopson

For over two thousand years people have been taking restful breaks to rejuvenate, invigorate and heal. In Europe the ‘Medical Spa’, a health, relaxation and rehabilitation centre has been around for well over a hundred years and ‘Health Resorts’ cropped up where salty water was found bubbling beneath the ground. Salty and thermal waters were deemed to have healing properties and thousands would flock to drink the water, indulge in huge tubs of mud or salt baths and undertake supervised medical t...

The No-Surgery – Plastic Surgery

Joe McClain

Looking for a non-surgical alternative to enhance your body? You need not look any further. Numerous medical facilities and aesthetic clinics today offer a full range of procedures with virtually no “down” time. You can have most of these procedures done during your lunch time and the beauty of it all is that no one will know… yet they will notice the remarkable results. Without surgery you can achieve that stunning, gorgeous body you’ve hankered after for so long, get rid of those extra centime...

Bermuda Dentist Brightens up Business with Spa Services

Sara Thopson

A place where you can get your teeth whitened or crowned is now working on changing complexions. Dr. James Fay of the Paget Dental Group has recently opened his new business - the Azure Medical Spa, with a view to removing the imperfections from your face as well as your teeth...

Hair Replacement in the Central Europe

Joe McClain

Hair has always been a symbol of beauty and an important part of one's appearance. Thinning or the loss of hair can be very frustrating to many people. Cosmetic surgery may have an answer: hair replacement...