Tourism Review Online Magazine 3 / 2008

Feb 25, 2008
Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest issue of our magazine. Since the spring break is coming we turn our attention to the students and ask what they seek when traveling. How many of them actually set for an adventurous trip? Do they care about heritage sightseeing at all? Find the answers for your questions in the Active part. Then leave the students to themselves and read about the growing numbers of women adventurers. The travel trade already knows – women are here and they are not to be omitted. Come and read the Professional part about the experiences of women travelers in Asia, Africa or even the Muslim world.
Still remember our last supplement about medical tourism and its possibly undesirable consequences? Now, it is not always that bad. Let us read about the pleasant European medical spas and few novelties on the market in the Spa section. The various consequences of tourism as such are presented in the Ethical part. Did you know that most of the money you spend for a trip does not really go to the local hands? Come and read about the numerous side effects of the growing tourism industry. Now, sit down and enjoy this issue. You might take your favorite glass of wine and start with the Heritage section and the stories of the tasty sake, shining grappa or creamy cappuccino.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Liquid Heritage

Wayne M. Gore

- Feb 25, 2008
Hot chocolate, frappe, juice, cocktails ... there are thousands and thousands of different types of beverages people all over the world love and enjoy everyday. Let’s have a closer look at some of them and learn the story of the Italian cappuccino or British cider. Come and see why sake is not really called sake and what grappa is actually made from. By the way, have you ever heard about the one and only truly American black tea?

Professional: What? Women Travel?

Larry Brain

- Feb 25, 2008
Let’s go girls! This is about you and for you – women travelers. Ever thought about going solo to Jordan, Malawi or Sri Lanka? Ever wondered what kind of guys there are? Then come and read the advice of the more experienced women adventurers. Listen carefully to their smart safety tips and be inspired for your next expedition.

Spa and Medical: Peculiar Medical Travels

Ashley Nault

- Feb 25, 2008
Medical tourism is a huge part of the tourism as well as health market. Every year new services and facilities emerge. Let’s get familiar with a few titbits from the world of medical travels. Read about the innovative dentist in Bermuda, plastic surgery without scalpel as well as the vast possibilities of European medical spa.

Active / Adventure: Where Did All the Students Go?

Dan Rang

- Feb 25, 2008
Students and youth travelers have gained a huge share in the travel market. Many stakeholders wonder what the students really seek, what thrills them and ... how much money they have as well. Come and read about the trends in the student travel, the destination the youth prefers and the information technology students love to use when traveling.

Ethical / Religious: Tourists? No, Thank You!

Ashley Nault

- Feb 25, 2008
Tourists move the world economy and governments usually care a lot to lure as many travelers to the country as possible. However, it is quite clear that tourism also causes quite serious side effects. Pollution, waste, lack of water, changed life of local communities, devastation of cultural heritage – the consequences are numerous.