Heritage: Liquid Heritage

Hot chocolate, frappe, juice, cocktails ... there are thousands and thousands of different types of beverages people all over the world love and enjoy everyday. Let’s have a closer look at some of them and learn the story of the Italian cappuccino or British cider. Come and see why sake is not really called sake and what grappa is actually made from. By the way, have you ever heard about the one and only truly American black tea?


Cappuccino: Italian Ingenuity

Nils Kraus

Italians are unique to the world when it comes to coffee. They aren’t content to just drink it the old ordinary way. They love it so much that they also enjoy tinkering with the recipe. It started with the unique thick coffee invention known as espresso. Later, Italians came up with cappuccino, which is similar to espresso but not as heavy, yet loaded with power. Eventually cappuccino’s flavor spawned other coffee conceptions, such as desserts (you ever have cappuccino ice cream?), frappuccino ...

Brrrritish Cccccider

Wayne M. Gore

Cider, the alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples or pears (Perry), has a long and fascinating history in the UK. Although it had been assumed that cider was introduced after the Norman Conquest, it is now thought to have been here long before that...

Japan’s Number One: Sake

Gary Diskin

Alcohol consumption has seen an amazing increase during the post war economic growth in Japan. After the 1980's, local wine and sake breweries boomed with people enjoying nihon-shu (rice wine), beer and shochu (distilled spirits) on various times, places and occasions. In recent years, the quality of carbonated alcoholic beverages has improved and liqueur consumption has increased, due to the popularity of cocktails with women...

Italian Grappa Delight

Daniel A. Tanner

The best way to explore the unique taste of grappa is going to Bassano del Grappa, the city in Vicenza, and to enjoy the free samples of grappa handed out by the local distilleries that line the main road here. For the uninitiated, grappa is the traditional Italian drink made from pomace, the pressed skin and grapes after winemaking, and the result is a clear strong liqueur between 80 or 90 proof. It only takes two or three sips for the undiluted strength and warmth of the liqueur to take effect...

American Tea Plantation?

Michael Trout

Specialty tea businesses in the United States have mushroomed recently, catering to both veteran tea drinkers and trying to mint new ones. In this culinary niche dominated by imports, few people are familiar with the Charleston Tea Plantation. Located minutes from Charleston, South Carolina, the Plantation is America's only black tea producer, capitalizing on what are believed to be the only conditions available on the vast continent that are amenable to growing tea for profit...