Advantages of Small Private Jets – Get Your Own

Andrew J. Wein - Mar 26, 2012
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Traveling is part of our lives and most of us enjoy it a great deal from the moment we plan it to the time we get back home. However, today traveling has become more of a hassle than pleasure, especially flying; the interminable queues to check your luggage, dealing with some overweight charges which can be ridiculously high and not to mention the security checks where you have to take of your shoes, socks and so on.

A bad start on a trip can easily break the bubble, which you started with especially for those who travel for the very first time, excitement will soon be replaced with tiredness and irritability. These are the times when owning a small private jet is a blessing but not only so, let us explore the other advantages.

Taking Travel to the Next Level

Small private jets are the most affordable jets and yet offer most of the amenities and luxuries the larger ones incorporate. The reason that they are called small private jets is mainly because of the seat capacity that they provide, which is between 2 to 6 at the most. However, small jets are a perfect size for families and/or corporations that need their executives flown in and out in record time.

The most important luxury that you have by owning a jet is that you get to fly when you want not according to any schedule; this is one of the most important features due to which most business men will give in to acquiring a small private jet. When in business, most times you don’t have the luxury of time, you need to get to a certain place or meeting to close a deal that can bring a small fortune to your company at a few hours notice and that is when the small private jet will yet again come to your rescue.


The small private jets have the possibility to facilitate a meeting on the way to the destination as well as comfortable chair that can easily be turned to beds in case you need to catch some sleep and be refreshed for a big deal. Meal, drinks as well as shower facilities are available and can be modified as desired.

Other Helpful Advantages

Small private jets don’t need huge hangers to store and the maintenance is minimum. You can easily hire pilots on request on a less than 4 hours notice while some other corporations choose to have an all time employed pilot who works on request and when required. Having your private jet does not mean it has to be strictly for business, anytime you can choose to take a small break to almost anywhere you desire for the day, weekend or even a week. Small jets are easy to land and some have incorporated water landing as well.

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