TRANSPORT/ Travel in Luxury with Small Jets

Small jets may seem as surplus luxury. However many businesses will appreciate the many advantages private charter jets offer.


Private Jet Charter Flights vs. Commercial Airlines

James Morris

In recent years there has been much media coverage of the worsening performance and service of commercial airlines. Even more recently there has been a negative public reaction to the increase in TSA screening and security procedures such as full body x-ray scans. To most, these ever deteriorating airport conditions mean more headaches and less vacation time, but for those who can afford to do so, it becomes just another reason/excuse/justification to spend extra on private jet charter flights....

The Advantages of Owning a Small Private Jet

Andrew J. Wein

Traveling is part of our lives and most of us enjoy it a great deal from the moment we plan it to the time we get back home. However, today traveling has become more of a hassle than pleasure, especially flying; the interminable queues to check your luggage, dealing with some overweight charges which can be ridiculously high and not to mention the security checks where you have to take of your shoes, socks and so on. A bad start on a trip can easily break the bubble, which you started with es...

Most Popular Private Jets and Aircraft for 2011

James Morris

In a year that saw worldwide private jet charter demand make modest but fluctuating gains, U.S. based company New Flight Charters reported the most popular aircraft chosen for charter flights in 2011 along with its strong increase in charter flight business. Data is from the company’s 2011 North America charter activity, including 1,105 separate flights with 587 charters, which showed notable increases of 27.2% and 16.9% respectively over prior year results. Most Popular Jets Light Je...

Tips to Ensure a Safe Flight with Private Jet Charter

Tourism Review News Desk

When choosing a private jet charter company for your next flight, there are several questions you should ask to ensure you are receiving not only the safest flight, but the best value for your money. What is the experience level of your pilots and how often do they train? The most important safety component during your private jet charter flight is the experience level of the pilots. To save money, some operators will hire less experienced pilots that meet FAA minimum standards. More experie...