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Andrew J. Wein - Feb 27, 2012
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Understand SERP’s, SEO, PR and all the rest of the acronyms that drive you crazy as you try to reach the top of the search engine results.
I know you are still busy with the task of writing a new website article, so today is a small lesson on all the crazy acronyms that show up when you start to learn about getting high rankings.
SE – Search Engine
A program that retrieves documents based on the criteria you request. For my blog, that generally refers to the big 3 – Google, Yahoo! and bing. Google is the heavyweight, and depending where you are in the world, Yahoo! and bing are a distant 2nd or 3rd with less than 20% saturation combined.
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Optimization
The art and science of creating and marketing a website to achieve organic 1st page results in response to a searches query. An example of this is Using Keywords in Visible Text for Higher Rankings.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
The act of promoting or marketing a website to achieve organic 1st page results in response to a searches query.
PR – Page Rank
Google’s link popularity algorithm used to rank the popularity of any given webpage.
SERP – Search Engine Results Page or Search Engine Results Position
The position in which a webpage is displayed in search engine results, excluding any paid listings. Your goal is a high SERP or a 1st page SERP.
PFI – Pay for Inclusion
PFI is a listing within a Search Engine or Directory that must be paid for. The Yahoo! directory is one of the most prominent PFI directories.
FFA – Free for All
Add your site for free to a directory. Almost always automated and anyone can link. Unless you are targeting a specific niche directory it is a waste of time.
Of course, this really is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are the most popular of the SE acronyms. Now, get back to writing that article.

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