Saint Petersburg: The Northern Russian Capital

Saint Petersburg – the romantic capital of Russia – attracts visitors with its long history, unique architecture, as well as noble atmosphere. Discover the city on the Neva River.


Northern Capital: The World of Twilight

Wayne M. Gore

For many people around the world, St. Petersburg is the city of "White Nights". They only last a short while however: for most of the year darkness enshrouds the city on the Neva every evening. By the dim light of the moon and the glimmer of the lampposts the Northern Capital is unrecognizably transformed, turning into the most extraordinary, fantastic city on earth. Anyone who has strolled around St. Petersburg by night, albeit only once (even those who know the city well and have a keen sen...

St. Petersburg: Inconsistent Tourism Season of 2010

Bill Alen

The 2010 tourist season was rather complicated for tourist companies and agents, whose main business destination was internal and incoming tourism. The average number of overseas tourist, interested in standard group tours was reduced to 10-15 %. However, thanks to the beginning of the operation of passenger port "Sea facade", the number of cruise tourists who visited St. Petersburg increased by 12-17 % , that by expert estimations will allow to keep the number of foreign visitors at the leve...

Notable Differences between St. Petersburg and Moscow

Gary Diskin

Russia is gradually becoming more urbanized. In 2010, 73.1% of the population lived in urban areas and in 2030 the share will be 76.7%. There is a steady stream of migrants westward from Siberia and the Far East. The area makes up 70% of Russia's territory, but contains less than 8% of its population and large numbers leave each year. Moscow is the largest city. It represented 10.2% of urban population in 2010 and the share will rise to 10.6% in 2030. At that time, Moscow will be more than tw...

Leningrad Region Is the Territory of Recreation!

Kevin Eagan

For many of you this statement can seem very disputable. The point is that Leningrad region, or Leningrad Oblast, is a region of many faces: it is an oblast-toiler – producing, extractive, cultivating, and a territory, where you can relax in taste! Tourist opportunities of Leningrad region can be divided into three blocks: based on cultural and historical resources - “Cultural Tourism” (cultural-educational, pilgrim, nostalgic, military and patriotic, event, etc.); tourism, using natural resourc...