Tourism Review Online Magazine 9 / 2010

Sep 27, 2010

Dear readers,


The colorful fall with its chilly mornings and windy afternoons is here again. Enjoy it to the fullest perhaps with the latest issue of TROM. One of the most romantic cities for your fall tour is definitely Saint Petersburg with its long history and unique architecture. Read the Destination supplement. October is also perfect month for discovering Europe another way – why not to try some barging tour? Travel slowly around France, Belgium or even Scotland.  Learn more in the Transport part.

Movie destinations are the topic of the Professional supplement and the Heritage section focuses this time on one of the oldest festivals. First of all however open the Ethical part discussing the question of tourism and disappearing destinations. Enjoy the issue.


Milada Sovadinova



The Revival of Festivals

Nils Kraus

- Sep 27, 2010

Film festivals, arts festivals, goat festivals – there are hundreds of fests around the world. Let us invite you to visit one of the oldest ones – in South Africa, Ireland or Edinburgh.

On the Path of Filmmakers

James Morris

- Sep 27, 2010

Movies have always been drawing crowds not only to cinemas but also the destinations connected with the films. Visit NYC, Savannah, or even F. F. Coppola’s Winery in California.

Barging: Enjoy the River

Cecilia Garland

- Sep 27, 2010

They are slow, very slow. Yet barges are growing in popularity especially in Europe. Visit France, Great Britain or even Germany and get ready for fabulous tour on the river.

Saint Petersburg: The Northern Russian Capital

Andrew J. Wein

- Sep 27, 2010

Saint Petersburg – the romantic capital of Russia – attracts visitors with its long history, unique architecture, as well as noble atmosphere. Discover the city on the Neva River.