Climate Change: See It Now!

Climate change sightseeing is one of the newest trends among travelers. Going to the disappearing destinations however is a serious ethical issue for many.


Climate Change Sightseeing and Disappearing Destinations

Nils Kraus

Many of the world’s most spectacular landscapes are vanishing because of climate change, spurring concerned visitors to experience and protect them before it’s too late. What would an autumn cycling trip in New England be without colorful maples? What’s a ski vacation without fresh snow? Or an outing to the shore where the beach has eroded? These scenarios are unimaginable for many, yet global warming threatens to make them a reality as species extinctions, severe storms, fl...

Five Tourist Destinations That Global Warming Could Destroy

Denise Chen

Global warming could have a devastating impact on some popular vacation spots, according to Bob Henson, a writer at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and author of "The Rough Guide to Climate Change." In an interview with CNN, Henson listed five geographic locations that may be substantially altered over the next few decades as a result of climate change. The Great Barrier Reef, the city of New Orleans, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Alpine Glaciers ...

Responsible Travel on Menorca

Denise Chen

Introducing you to Menorca, having to sum it up in such a small space, is not easy. Many of you will know it for its fine white sandy beaches; others for being peaceful and safe; others still for its characteristic hospitality. For its network of paths that lead you through nature in the wild, in its purest state; and for its crystal clear blue waters, which let you discover the island from the sea. For its rich cuisine, packed with flavours that satisfy even the most demanding palate; for the f...

The Great Barrier Reef in 2050

Dan Rang

The earth is undergoing accelerating climate change that is being driven by rapidly increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. This is changing the conditions under which the earth’s fauna and flora have flourished over the past several million years. There is now extensive evidence of changes to the distribution, abundance and health of earth’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Species are migrating towards the poles, ecosystems like coral reefs are experiencing increasing stressfu...

Why Venice's Hotels Have a Sinking Feeling

Ashley Nault

One of the most unique European cities is, without a doubt, Venice. No place on Earth is quite like this well preserved city, whose canals, gondolas and gondoliers have earned it a permanent place in the hearts of romantics everywhere. Like many magical places, there is a drawback to Venice's special charm: it is sinking. The water and canal ways that make Venice so unique may eventually lead to its downfall – but it's hardly a recent phenomenon. Venice hotels and other buildings have been grapp...