On the Path of Filmmakers

Movies have always been drawing crowds not only to cinemas but also the destinations connected with the films. Visit NYC, Savannah, or even F. F. Coppola’s Winery in California.


Why Movie Tourism?

Kevin Eagan

According to Film London, the agency responsible for overseeing filming in the capital, films depicting the UK are responsible for attracting about 1 in 10 overseas tourists, spending around £1.8 billion a year. With London being the third biggest film production centre in the world and the UK offering a diverse range of historical and modern sites linked with both film and TV the time seemed right for organised film tourism to take shape in the UK. Seizing this opportunity I launched a s...

Mongibello and The Talented Mr. Ripley

Tomas Haupt

One of the great pleasures of film location tourism is the opportunity to visit places which don’t exist. Take ‘Mongibello’, for example, the setting invented for Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley. Writers – or screenwriters – can conjure a world from their imaginations, but when it comes to putting that vision on screen, it’s up to those unsung heroes of the film industry, location managers, to find the perfect representation in t...

TV and Movie Tours – Lights! Camera! Action!

Vanderlei J. Pollack

In 1999 while moving to the Upper East Side Georgette Blau realized she lived near the apartment used in The Jeffersons. Using her passion for classic television and cinema as inspiration, Blau began New York’s first, and currently the world’s largest, TV and Movie tour company, On Location Tours. Television and movies bridge cultural and continental divides more than any other medium. In New Zealand, for example, the Lord of the Rings trilogy increased tourism to the area by 16%. Similarly, Au...

Francis Ford Coppola: One from the Heart

Laura Maudlin

Located 70 miles north of San Francisco, the Alexander Valley region is dotted with many wineries, most of them boutique operations with small and unassuming footprints. In marked contrast is Francis Ford Coppola’s latest wine-based venture, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Estate, situated in the gentle oak-studded Geyserville area. Bigger Than Life From its mammoth iron entrance gate to the sweeping canopy of its buildings, it telegraphs the notion that this is no ordinary place. And ...

Savannah’s Three F’s

Dan Rang

FOOD, FILM & FEAR – what a unique combination and all completely descriptive of a trip to Savannah, Georgia. When you visit Savannah, you will want to experience each of these descriptors with Savannah Movie Tours, Inc. – Savannah's specialty tour operator – with tours to tantalize your taste buds, to show off the “Hollywood of the South” and an evening in “America’s Most Haunted City” or better yet, “City Built Upon Its Dead.” Our ...