HERITAGE/ Little Italy around the World

Italian communities can be found all around the world. Some neighborhoods carry unique heritage with its Italian restaurants and monuments. Discover Little Italy in Toronto, Sao Paulo or even Sydney.



Little Taste of Italy: Vibrant Italian Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Michael Trout

Years between 1880 and 1920 mark one of the peaks in the history of human migration as United States’ shores played host to millions who took part in the exodus. While some of these immigrants blended in and seamlessly lived the American way, others chose to stick to their mother land’s culture and language, creating their own neighborhoods within numerous American cities. Approximately four million Italians took part in the voyage to escape the burden of political and economic hard times. Ma...

Walk like an Italian in Sao Paulo

Pat Hyland

Sao Paulo is famous for its pizza with 1.4 million pies consumed there daily. For this reason it is considered as the “Pizza Capital of the World”. The area has a great love for the Italian culture that is mostly seen in the popularity of Italian food among the locals. The Brazilian city is home to numerous pizzerias and Italian restaurants. The neighborhood carrying the Italian atmosphere the most is called Mooca. The area is full of high rise buildings both residential and office blocks, sport...

Little Italy in Sydney: Experience Italian Architecture

Sara Thopson

Many large cities of the world have an Italian quarter and Sydney, Australia, is no exception. The suburb called Leichhardt is known as Little Italy, and its main high street is Norton Street. The street was named after James Norton, a Sydney attorney, who purchased a large estate in the area in 1834. It was here that Italian working class immigrants settled and eventually set up businesses so that now it is the main commercial center of the suburb. The Italian flavor of the street remains st...

Toronto Is Home to Fascinating Italian Heritage

Nils Kraus

The Italian community in Toronto is a fascinating district popular for numerous businesses and restaurants. It is centered on a shopping, bar and restaurant strip in the College Street between Shaw and Euclid Streets. The district lies at the Grace and College Streets intersection and it is adjacent to a residential area. However, it spreads out between Dufferin Street and Ossington Avenue. Although the area has a significant Portuguese and Latin American community, its atmosphere is much Ita...