Professional: Women in the Travel Trade

As tourism grows in importance for the budgets of many countries, the number of women professionals pursuing a successful career in the industry is also growing. Many of them however need to face various challenges not experienced by the other sex. What are the typical problems? Is anybody trying to help at all? What are the strategies of the successful women?


Women in Hospitality: A Retrospective and View of That "Glass Ceiling"

William Law

It is unfortunately a common sight in newspapers – stories about Indian women being abused by the male dominated society they live in. There are even signs on Indian trains warning men that harassing women is a criminal offence. However, some members of the Indian society have been trying hard to improve things, including a group of women in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, who have created a woman-driven taxi service for ... women only...

No Idle Chatter

Wayne M. Gore

People create their own luck. That’s what Sandy Dhuyvetter says. And considering her considerable success building multimedia properties, you can argue that there is substance to her belief...

Barriers Faced by Women in Tourism Career

Chris Grad

Women and tourism -- the thought has been receiving sincere consideration from United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)] for years. Women occupied special attention of world tourism day last year. 'Tourism opens doors for women' was the theme for the United Nations World Tourism Day observed on 27 September 2007, the anniversary of the adoption of the original UNWTO statutes. Following on the 'Tourism Enriches' theme of 2006, last year's campaign highlighted the opportunities that the s...

Empowering Women through Tourism

Nils Kraus

The positive contribution of tourism to women empowerment can only be determined if poverty reduction and the enhancement of women’s dignity and role in the work place are addressed. These are among the issues in UNWTO’s action plan to empower women through tourism, unveiled during ITB Berlin 2008 in early March. The Organization is committed to play a leading role in economic empowerment of women in the tourism sector...

When Small Children Travel Too

Michael Trout

In an exclusive interview for Tourism Review, Fawzia Rasheed de Francisco, a health policy analyst and author of the just released Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children, tells Leyla Giray what it was like to write her first book...