Tourism Review Online Magazine 8 / 2008

Aug 25, 2008
Dear readers,

At the end of the summer we are finally back with another issue of the magazine just for you – the travel expert. Looking back we couldn’t but focus on the July’s EURO 2008. Knowing about the great profit of UEFA and the strenuous work of the two organizing countries did the championship really bring what was expected? What did the fans say? Go for the Active supplement. Women, on the other hand, is the topic of our Professional section this time discovering the challenges of women in the travel trade.

Devoted to the right cause and the ever coming new trends in tourism the Ethical supplement presents several green tourism projects that try to make a difference. Ever thought about visiting a garden full of non-biodegradable waste objects? Or a cultural village in Rwanda? The Heritage part as usually goes to the past and focuses this time on languages as something to be protected. First of all, let us invite you for a short tour to the north. Together with the Destination supplement let’s visit the Baltics and see what they have to offer to the tourists.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Language as a Heritage

Alec Hills

- Aug 25, 2008
Languages, languages, languages. The dynamic systems of communication that form an inseparable part of human lives. Some of them are common to millions of people; some of them are spoken only by a few. Let’s learn about the language heritage people cherish, about groups of enthusiasts determined to save their language, about a new American language museum, or even about an author writing his books for a community that doesn’t really read much.

Professional: Women in the Travel Trade

Larry Brain

- Aug 25, 2008
As tourism grows in importance for the budgets of many countries, the number of women professionals pursuing a successful career in the industry is also growing. Many of them however need to face various challenges not experienced by the other sex. What are the typical problems? Is anybody trying to help at all? What are the strategies of the successful women?

Active / Adventure: EURO 2008: Before & After

Sara Thopson

- Aug 25, 2008
Some may not remember, for some their memories will stay with them for years – EURO 2008 is over. The football teams went home as well as the thousands of fans. However, what about the people backstage – the hoteliers, the drivers, the waiters and hundreds of more who hoped the championship would boost their profits? Were their expectations met? Let’s read about this year’s EURO from different perspectives.

Ethical / Religious: Green Tourism? So What?

Gregory Dolgos

- Aug 25, 2008
Green tourism, ecotourism, sustainable or responsible tourism – all of these terms refer to the plentiful efforts of making tourism not only less negative but also quite positive either for specific communities or the natural environment. Are there any results? Are these projects useful at all? What are the trends in green tourism?

Destination: Discover Baltics

Tourism Review News Desk

- Aug 25, 2008
The three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – may seem as having much in common, both the past as well as the present. Each of them however has its own peculiarities even in tourism. Come and learn how they promote the beauties of the North and what their success and challenges are. Welcome to Baltics.