Active / Adventure: EURO 2008: Before & After

Some may not remember, for some their memories will stay with them for years – EURO 2008 is over. The football teams went home as well as the thousands of fans. However, what about the people backstage – the hoteliers, the drivers, the waiters and hundreds of more who hoped the championship would boost their profits? Were their expectations met? Let’s read about this year’s EURO from different perspectives.


The Organizers: The Best European Championship

Michael Trout

One month since the UEFA EURO 2008 final, the organizers were drawing their conclusions in Zurich and Vienna. "We set ourselves the challenge of organizing the best European Championship final round. The results of studies and surveys show that we succeeded,” said Austrian FA president Friedrich Stickler, Swiss FA president Ralph M. Zloczower and Euro 2008 SA COO Martin Kallen unanimously...

What Remains of the EURO 2008 in Berne?

Richard Moor

A little more than one month after the stunning tournament in Austria and Switzerland, I seldom hear people talking about it anymore. The Bernese went back to their everyday life soon after the Dutch had left the city only to loose against a venturously playing Sbornaja in Basel...

EURO 2008 - The Winners Are ... the Hoteliers

Andrew J. Wein

The 'UEFA EURO 2008' European football championship provided sporting highlights and entertainment during June for the European football fans. The influx of football enthusiasts and tourists meant a good start to the summer for hoteliers in the eight cities across Switzerland and Austria which hosted the various games as they reported up to 231% revPAR increases during match days compared to the prior year...

Vienna: The Viewpoint of the Press

Tomas Haupt

One doesn’t need to give it much thought: as a tourist or a spectator, one could clearly see that the real champions of the Euro 2008 were the hosts Austria and Switzerland. In spite of the victory cup flying over to Spanish territory, everyone from Michael Platini, the UEFA president, to the last volunteer should be extremely proud of having organized an event of such magnitude. The result was an incredible success from both the sport and the tourist point of view...

Transportation: UEFA Wins Again

Samuel Dorsi

The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship held in Austria and Switzerland June 16-29th, 2008 was a huge transportation success. The logistics of getting the fans to the football matches from other countries was a difficult task, yet Austria and Switzerland were able to do it for the month long championship...