Destination: Discover Baltics

The three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – may seem as having much in common, both the past as well as the present. Each of them however has its own peculiarities even in tourism. Come and learn how they promote the beauties of the North and what their success and challenges are. Welcome to Baltics.


Baltic Hoteliers Improve Services

Gary Diskin

Walk into a hotel in any large city in the Baltics, and you will find many things that were not there five years ago; smiling desk clerks, in-house casinos, and most noticeable of all, lots of guests...

Travel Agencies Face Numerous Challenges

James Morris

Baltic travel agencies face a unique set of challenges, mainly stemming from the fact that the three countries are small and relatively unknown to most travelers from Western countries. There are two basic types of customers that travel agencies deal with – incoming and outgoing...

Gulbene Keeps Developing

Vanderlei J. Pollack

The Town of Gulbene is situated in North East part of Latvia, 186 km away from the capital Riga and about 50 km far from the border of the state. That is why the town is one of the furthest in the North-East located towns in the republic. Gulbene is one of the Vidzeme Planning Region towns and at the same time the only town in the district that also is an administrative centre. After the implementation of regional reform in 2009 the town of Gulbene will become an administrative centre of the apa...

Vilnius: Beauty, Mystery and Magic

Gary Diskin

Vilnius – an old-world city at the crossroads of East and West, North and South, which has reached the heights of class and modernity. The Lithuanian capital Vilnius is a city where everyone will find something memorable. Whether landing or taking off over the Old Town, the spires and the red roofs will invite you to enter their labyrinth of architectural and cultural diversity...

The Image Makers: Estonia

Larry Brain

Mike Collier talks to the people charged with promoting the image of Estonia overseas. Erki Peegel and Leitti Mandmets of Enterprise Estonia have overseen the phenomenon that is 'Brand Estonia'...