Ethical / Religious: Green Tourism? So What?

Green tourism, ecotourism, sustainable or responsible tourism – all of these terms refer to the plentiful efforts of making tourism not only less negative but also quite positive either for specific communities or the natural environment. Are there any results? Are these projects useful at all? What are the trends in green tourism?


Towards Ecotourism 2.0

Daniel A. Tanner

A year since the World Ecotourism Summit in Oslo, five years since the United Nations International Year of Ecotourism in 2002, and 25 years since Hector Ceballos coined the term, Ecotourism, like good red wine, has mellowed and matured. But we should not it let turn sour. It is time to open the bottle, drink it and make space for a new generation, Ecotourism 2.0

Whale Watchers Are Whale Protectors in the Pacific Northwest

Nils Kraus

The Pacific Northwest is home to some amazing wildlife, including the beautiful black and white killer whales, also known as orcas that ply the waters around the San Juan and Gulf Islands of Washington State and the province of British Columbia. Visitors to this area during the summer months have an unparalleled opportunity to view wild orcas in their natural habitat...

Tourism Recreational Value of Chandigarh’s Rock Garden

Larry Brain

Chandigarh, also called the 'City Beautiful', designed by Famous French Architect LeCorbusier, is famous for its urban greenery and well planned landscaping. The city is known for its prominent vegetative parks and gardens like Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Bougainvellia Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Rajendra Park, Leisure valley, Fitness trails, Shanti Kunj, Terraced Garden etc...

Mountain Gorillas Smile as Locals Dance to Eco-solutions in Rwanda

Samuel Dorsi

Rwanda is a very small (26,338 square km) country, two degrees south of the equator in central Africa. It is the most densely populated country in Africa with a population of approximately 8,600,000 people who can expect to live to the age of 47. Commonly referred to a country of “a thousand hills and a million smiles”, Rwanda has gone through the worst catastrophe in human history – the 1994 genocide where more than 800.000 people were killed in a hundred days...

Responsible Tourism: Treating Others the Way They Wish to Be Treated

Samuel Dorsi

“While tourism campaigns have long touted 'destinations' – in fact we are simply entering a place that is someone else's home,” said Transitions Abroad founder Clay Hubbs in a 2004 interview. "The golden rule is more and more recognized as the first rule of travel and adventure travel and I'm told that group organizers are rewarded by their customers for observing it."